Disputes will generally happen between family members over inherited properties, undistributed property and wealth, and arguments over the shared property. These disputes can cause huge conflicts between family members and are legally complicated. Yes, family laws can be helpful in such situations. If there is a will already present, the lawyer will act accordingly to the will that has been agreed upon. When there is no bill or trust on the property, a family lawyer generally helps you and your family agree upon the best interest decision and create a bill accordingly. If a person has died without leaving any inheritance deed, some laws are set to divide the property and wealth of that person. If there is conflict on a particular property, there are laws to define the best division of the property. Dealing with such situations can be hard, so contact Ramos Law Group to help you out.

Inherited properties

There can be disputes among family members on an inherited property due to unequal and biased property division. Heirs of a family member who left with property to look after can disrupt the heirs for not having a fair share of the property.

Disagreement on purchased properties

Two or more family members might have bought a property in the past, or they might have inherited an estate together. But at times, when either of them wants to sell or rent it, there can be disruption and argument among the family members.

If one dies and there is no valid will for the estate distribution after the death of either owner, there can be disruptions too.

Disputes for unauthorized assets

Sometimes, a person in your family might die, leaving huge assets without any deed or trust to inherit. The assets will go to the heir if there is a single heir. But if there are two or more heirs, things can turn out pretty bad because there can be disruptions among the assets. If all the heirs operate, handling such a situation isn’t quite difficult.

Joint ownership

There can be disputes and disagreements between family members planning to buy a property jointly, with equal or unequal ownership. The property rules and regulations, inheritance of the property after death, and many other disputes can be there while forming the will.


Family law doesn’t only include laws for divorce, alimony, and child custody. Although these are common causes, family law also includes laws that can help you deal with disputes in property and inheritance in the absence or presence of a will and includes rules to follow while setting up or modifying a disputed will.

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