Car accidents refer to the collision that happens after one vehicle collides with another. These instances are common, and you are better versed with a lawyer since they will help you with the legal proceedings. Over seven million accidents happen annually in the US alone, and the top causes include drunkenness, and failed breaks, among others.

The first thing to do after getting involved in an accident should be to contact a Tulsa car accident attorney, as you are probably too hurt to make a sound decision.

  • Confirm Your Condition

The first step after getting involved in an accident should be to confirm your condition. Accidents occur on the open road, and your first concern should be yourself. You can achieve this by switching your car off and parking it in a safe area.

While here, ensure you have no internal or external injuries before checking your car’s condition. Also, put warning triangles on the road to ensure other drivers see you on time.

  • Confirm if Anyone Needs Medical Help

The first thing your lawyer will warn you against is leaving the accident scene. Leaving will compromise the entire case as people can mess up with the evidence. Take as much time as you can at the scene and wait for guidance from your attorney.

While here, confirm that there are no injuries in the other party and call for medical help if there is a casualty.

  • Call the Police

Reporting accidents to the authorities is vital, even though not all respond to small collisions. Also, take down the officer’s name, contact, and budge number when they arrive for easy follow-up. Ensure you photocopy the accident report to give your attorney an easy time.

You can also get these copies from the main office if the police do not show up or contact the insurer adjuster dealing with your case.

  • Gather Crucial Information

Accident victims can gather crucial information from the scene using their phones or other electronic devices. This information includes the driver’s license and phone number, and ensure all documents have matching information. If that is not the case, follow up to know the actual owner.

Also, gather the vehicle’s vital information like the make, model, license number, and most importantly, the insurance policy number in case the accident is not reported. Avoid giving out your social security number unless it becomes necessary.

  • Take Enough Pictures of the Scene

Accident victims are advised to take as much detail on the accident as possible using their devices. Check the accident’s impact on your car by taking close-up pictures of the scene. Also, note down the time and date of the accident for easy reference later.

Also important are the street names and where both vehicles were headed before the accident. Most accident victims fail to indicate where the vehicles were headed, which is a big mistake.

Final Thoughts

Accidents are widespread on our roads, with over six million cases in the US last year alone. The above article has discussed how you should respond to an accident, and more tips are available online.

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