Getting into a car accident can be one of the most life-changing events for the victim and the family. Irrespective of whose fault it is, the victim can go through severe physical injuries and mental trauma and incur additional burdens. When filing a claim against the at-fault party for your car accident, there are multiple things taken into consideration by the insurance company. 

Car accident claims are not easy. Your actions prior to and after filing a claim can affect the outcome of the compensation amount. A Stockton car accident attorney can help you understand all the do’s and don’ts and get maximum financial compensation. 

Mistakes that can cost you. 

  • Waiting for the ‘right’ time to file a claim. 

Many victims often wait until the right time to file a claim. Most wait until they reach maximum physical recovery to take any action. However, doing so can affect your claim. For example, you need to talk to an attorney as soon as you get into an accident since collecting evidence and proving fault takes time. Additionally, you must remember that you do not get forever to file a claim. Within the two years of your accident date, you should file a claim, or else you will no longer be eligible for compensation. 

  • Delaying medical diagnosis and not following doctor’s instructions. 

Various injuries do not show up until weeks or months after the accident. Since the victim may feel fine, they may deny going to a doctor, get a diagnosis, or look for any sign of serious injuries. If the victim avoids going to the doctor immediately after the accident, it can be challenging to prove that the injuries resulted from the accident. Moreover, another mistake that can cost you is not sticking to the doctor’s advice. The insurance company will keep an eye on your activities, and disobeying a doctor’s advice can give them a chance to say that your injuries are not serious. 

  • Talking and posting about your accident, claim, and injuries on social media. 

Social media is a go-to platform for sharing our thoughts and feelings. But, it is essential to know that posting about your claim can cost you. Once you post about your claim on social media, the information is revealed publicly, meaning the insurance company can see what you are posting. Your one wrong move can lower the compensation amount. Therefore, when using social media, be extremely careful. 

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