It’s a lot of responsibility to take on the task of handling an accident without a lawyer. You might be tempted to think it will save you money, but in fact, it could cost you big-time.

Here are some reasons why you should never handle an accident without a lawyer:

  1. You can make costly mistakes. When you’re dealing with an accident, there are so many factors that could go wrong—and it’s easy for them to go wrong when you’re not fully aware of how things work in court. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you might end up with more legal fees than necessary, or even worse—a lawsuit against your insurance provider!
  2. Your insurance provider might under-compensate you. If they find out that the person at fault was uninsured or underinsured and they get sued by the other person’s lawyer, then they may have to pay more than they would have if they had just paid out the full liability limits initially (which are typically much higher). Plus, if your insurance company doesn’t pay out enough in damages due to their wrongdoing—or doesn’t pay out at all—then they’ll owe interest.
  3. You can’t make good decisions if you don’t have the legal expertise to defend yourself. For example, if a police officer arrests someone for driving under the influence (DUI) without proper training or experience in this field, he or she could find himself or herself in hot water with state laws requiring DUI training before issuing citations. This can lead to costly fines and even jail time!
  4. Another reason why it’s so important to have a Denver Personal Injury Attorney on hand is that accidents are stressful events. If something traumatic happens during a crash, like being injured by another driver or witnessing serious injury or death, it’s natural for people to feel upset and shaken up by what they’ve seen as they recover. They may not think clearly enough when making decisions about their own safety right away. This could cost you in the long run as you try to find justice. 


 If you’re involved in an accident, you might be feeling overwhelmed and scared. You may be wondering: “Should I go to the hospital? Should I call the police?”

You’ll need to make some tough decisions about how to handle an accident—and it’s important that you do them as soon as possible. But if you don’t have legal representation, you could end up making mistakes that could seriously impact your rights and future.


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