If you have plans to appear for your LSAT examinations, you know the burden of studies is huge. With the Coronavirus pandemic, most students who are preparing for their LSAT are at home using online tools for studies. However, now with social distancing and some areas under lockdown, students are sitting at home with their books unable to meet their friends for a mental break. Though online video calling comes to the rescue, it is not healthy for you to sit after studies and chat with your friends. Again, some get hooked to the television on web streaming portals like Netflix and Hulu. The result is an unhealthy lifestyle as you generally compromise on sleep and healthy food with no exercise. Over time, you will start to feel lethargic, and your concentration with studies will dip, affecting your chances of doing well with your LSAT examinations.

Menos Hiras – Boost academic performance with sports and a healthy diet

Menos Hiras is an aspiring law student and sports enthusiast. He says that the current pandemic should not stop you from exercising and eating healthy if you want to do well as a student. No matter how busy you are, you should take at least 30 minutes time of your schedule and exercise at home. Simple exercises like jump rope, jumping jacks, and jogging help you boost immunity and cardiovascular health. If you do not have space for jogging in your garden or yard, you can always spot jog for about 15 minutes to warm up. Now, with gyms closed, you can buy resistance bands and tone up your muscles easily. If you find exercise boring, just turn on your favorite music and dance. In short, you need to get your body moving so that your brain receives the much- needed oxygen to improve focus and concentration while you study. 

The importance of a healthy diet as a student

Quarantine has resulted in people embracing bad food habits. Since they are sitting at home all day, the hunger pangs hit them quite often. Junk food and lots of soft and hard drinks are consumed, resulting in obesity and lethargy. Now, if you are a student preparing for a competitive examination like LSAT, you certainly do not want the wrong diet to dash your dreams of cracking the exams with flying colors. So, it is here that a healthy diet must be incorporated into your daily schedule.

According to Menos Hiras, one should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance physical and mental health and boost immunity against the current pandemic that has spread across the world like wildfire. Drink lots of water and substitute carbonated drinks with natural fruits. You will not only feel better, but you will look great too. There is no scope of you becoming overweight or obese if you cook your own balanced meals daily instead of ordering home delivery meals. With these simple tips, you are sure to improve your focus on studies and do well in the LSAT exams with success!


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