Like Google, if you’ve found yourself with a damaged online reputation and want to fix your online embarrassment, here are the best ways to protect your online image.

For the fastest removal solution, Yahoo recommends that you first contact the owner of the website and request to have the unwanted information taken down. 

Websites usually have a contact page that lists their preferred method of communication.

Once the website removes your undesired content, Yahoo will no longer display the associated link onto their search results, but it does take time. 

If your negative information is still able to be seen, be patient. It may take up to two months for Yahoo to accurately update their search results. 

If you have exerted all efforts in trying to remove your information directly from the website, then Yahoo may help. 

Personal Information

If you find that your personally identifiable information such as your social security or credit card number is posted online, Yahoo can remove it from its search results. 

Before they proceed, you will be asked to provide personal information to authenticate your identity.

Adult Content

If someone posts revealing the images of you without your permission you can make a report it to Yahoo. 

They will actively investigate your case and take appropriate measures to take down your requested material. 

Like always, if you feel as though you or another person’s safety is in jeopardy, it is recommended that you contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Suppressing Search Results

If you can’t remove the content, many people turn to content suppression. 

Although this method doesn’t eliminate the problem, it prevents ruining your reputation by marking it harder for people to access it by pushing it further down the search results page and out of sight.

How does this work?

A search engine’s main priority is to identify online content that is most relevant to search queries. 

You will want to create relevant online content that pertains to the targeted link. Doing this will set it at the top of the search engine results. 

The more relevant and original your content is the more likely Yahoo will value your content against opposing website links. 

Enough high ranking content will push your negative content down the page and away from snoopy eyes. 

Work with an Online Reputation Company

Managing your negative content can be stressful and time-consuming. If you don’t have the time or expertise, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Online reputation companies provide their clients with a team of digital professionals that can answer all your questions and concerns.

After years of experience, they will lay out personalized content-removal solutions that are geared toward your needs. 


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