The US Road traffic post-COVID-19 has risen, and motorists have been speeding, the Highway Safety Association notes. In Los Angeles alone, cars are now moving 30 percent faster than before, something that has prompted the authorities to change the traffic lights as well as pedestrian walk signals. Surveys show that New York issued about 25,000 speeding tickets in a single day on March 27, which was double the average daily data. This was so even in the wake of fewer vehicles plying the roads. 

While some states have reported lower crash rates, deaths due to car crashes have increased dramatically in many states. In Nevada and Minnesota for example, the number of deaths is double compared to the same time in the last year. This increase in the number of deaths has been attributed to speeding and negligence on the part of drivers. 

Aggressiveness and the impatience of most drivers in the US have significantly increased routine road accidents. Some accidents have resulted in minor injuries while others have resulted in serious and life-changing injuries and even death of passengers and pedestrians. This means the demand for auto insurance coverage is on the rise, as people are now looking to be protected from the losses arising from such accidents. While accidents are unpredictable events that we face on a daily basis, we should be ready to deal with them whenever they happen. The best way to safeguard yourself is to hire an expert injury attorney like Anthony Van Johnson to take on your accident case and help you get fair compensation following an accident. 

Many states in the US are extremely crowded with vehicles, trucks, pedestrians, and motorcycle riders, a scenario that increases the probability of accidents and collisions on the roads and streets. While having car insurance or personal accident insurance is now a norm rather than an exception, there are times when people with valid coverage go without compensation. After all, insurance companies are out to maximize profits and minimize expenses arising from compensation claims. Therefore, they employ dirty tricks and strategies aimed at denying you deserved compensation. To help seal any potential loophole that insurance carriers look for in a claim, it is important to consider hiring an experienced accident lawyer who understands the murky waters of making and following up on a claim. 

Having been in the industry and business of representing accident victims for many years, Anthony O Van Johnson has the requisite knowledge and versed experience navigating the challenges many people face when placing and processing insurance claims for injuries sustained during accidents. 

According to a statistic taken in 2019, approximately 61 million car insurance policies were issued in Atlanta alone, with an average premium per year being $1717. With the growing demand for insurance, the cost of insurance policies is rising exponentially and many people do not know which coverage option is suited for their individual needs. Fortunately, Attorney Anthony Van Johnson in Atlanta has the necessary skills to help you make a solid decision and pick on a coverage that will not only meet your needs but also fit within your budget.

Let Attorney Anthony O. Van Johnson Defend You 

Insurance companies tangle the best offers at the time of marketing their products, but they often turn around and put forward the best defense whenever you are making a claim. Some products offer you relief by giving you an opportunity to increase your possible out-of-pocket costs so that you pay as lower premiums as possible. However, this becomes a challenge when your car gets damaged and you are unable to foot the repairs. This is the right time you need an attorney to such as Van Johnson with experience in dealing with car accident cases. For many years, Attorney Anthony O. Van Johnson has represented many clients and has helped thousands to secure the best or most reasonable settlement offers. Accidents do happen and whether you are at fault or a victim of negligence, you need a lawyer so you can breathe a sigh of relief since your lawyer will take the burden off your shoulders and defend you in the best way possible. 

If you feel you are overwhelmed by an accident case and need a highly proficient lawyer like Van Johnson to help you figure out the best way out of the case, Attorney Anthony O. Van Johnson is here to give you professional help.


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