Accidents are very unfortunate events in one’s life. Many times, these accidents extend to causing life-long disability. These accidents and injuries ensued by these injuries can lead to temporary or permanent loss of ability to work. This would lead to loss of income and make the matters worse for a victim.

This, when seen in the light of heaping hospital bills, travelling expenses, mental emotional and physical pain, becomes a nightmare for the family of the victim. In case of construction accidents, many difficulties arise. Thus, getting the right amount of compensation is necessary for the worker and his family. 

If you are one such victim and are wondering which is the best Syracuse construction accident lawyerthen you must come in contact with Powers of Santola LLP. Their goal is to ensure the independence, meaning and dignity to the life of their clients. They ensure that each of their cases is prepared as if it would lead to the trial. 

They put hours of work into the cases in which they engage. they ensure that the drafting, researching and other aspects of the case are impeccable so that their client receives the best compensation that they deserve. They understand that Injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries, severe burns, birth injuries, etc. can be fatal. 

This is why they dedicate all the resources to their client’s case. 

Tips for hiring the best lawyer in Syracuse for construction accident 

Here are a few takeaways for deciding on the attorney for a construction accident:

1- Choose between the different types of construction accident lawyers- the first step is determining the type of lawyer that you require. This is because construction accidents are a motley of various complexities. A worker will require a work comp lawyer and the owner will need an expert lawyer. 

2- Get recommendation from others- word of mouth is the most trustable source when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Ask for advice from them and their advice will be worth the effort. 

3- Check the credentials- you must be sure to check the credentials of the lawyer that you engage. Firstly, they must possess the licence to practice law and manage the construction accident-related cases in your area. 


Lawyers are in the best position to help the clients. You must ensure that you soon take the help of an attorney to get your well-deserved compensation. 

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