You could pay a fine of up to $5 million if you’re found guilty of drug possession. This huge fine can affect you for the rest of your life.

You may be accused of being in possession of drugs. Whether or not it’s true, you need a criminal defense attorney to guide you through the legal process. The ideal attorney can ensure that you walk away scot-free or with a minimum fine.

But what should you consider when hiring the best possible drug possession attorney? This article will provide further details.

Proven Track Record

The lawyer must provide a list of the cases that they’ve worked on. If the majority of their clients lost their cases, then that’s not a reliable lawyer.

The best law firm knows when to take a case to trial or enter into a plea agreement.

Similarly, lawyers who win a majority of their cases have a positive proven track record. It means that they’ll be able to replicate the success when they handle your case.

Experience Working as a Prosecutor or Public Defender

Successful lawyers usually started their careers in the prosecution or public defense office. They were able to gain a lot of experience when working within the legal system at the district attorneys’ offices. At the same time, they may have received mentoring from the more experienced attorneys in those public offices.

Consequently, these lawyers know the type of arguments that the prosecutor will try to advance. They’ll be able to offer practical legal advice and keep you out of jail.


The defense counsel should be familiar with the workings of the courts and the relevant laws. They should also know how to explain this information using simple language. Clear communication ensures that you know what is going on and what to expect.

A drug attorney who uses complicated legal language may not be ideal. If you don’t understand what is being communicated, you may agree to something that you don’t want. At the same time, you may not be able to provide enough feedback to help your case.

Part of the communication involves providing many options. At each step of the legal proceedings, the attorney should provide you with several options. They can then recommend one or two approaches.


Experienced and successful lawyers tend to have many clients. Their busy schedule can make them inaccessible to some of their clients. Therefore, you need to choose a lawyer who has enough time to work on your case.

Fighting drug possession charges requires extensive research and mountains of paperwork. It also requires regular communication between the lawyer and the client. If your lawyer isn’t accessible, the chances of you going to jail or being fined are high.


A qualified drug possession lawyer must have several referrals. Some of these referrals should be from people who were charged with a drug possession offense.

At the same time, you can ask your friends, family members, or colleagues to recommend an attorney. The attorney should have handled the case with professionalism and a firm grasp of the law. More importantly, they should have convinced the judges to dismiss the cases.

Trust Your Feelings

Each prospective lawyer will leave a different impression on you. Some will make you feel comfortable and optimistic, while others will dim your mood. If you want to have a positive working relationship with your prospective lawyer, you must trust your feelings.

You need somebody who can understand your emotions and desires. They should also not expose you to unnecessary pressure or tension. Instead, they should put you in a comfortable position where you can make the best decisions.

Local Advantage

Some drug possession attorneys have been arguing cases before judges for many years. Consequently, they have a clear understanding of how the local courthouse will arrive at a decision. For instance, they understand that the court will be convinced by the presentation of certain pieces of evidence.

Hiring a drug attorney who has been working in the local courthouse will increase your chances of succeeding. On the other hand, defense attorneys outside your county don’t have a prior working relationship with the prosecutors. Consequently, they are bound to commit mistakes.

Courtroom Confidence

A confident lawyer will present your case in a believable manner. This means that they will have the right demeanor and appearance to present positive clues. That’s because presenting a case involves legal and performance aspects.

When interviewing your lawyers, you should try to see if they’re confident, articulate, and neatly dressed. Lawyers who are nervous and disinterested should be avoided.

Similarly, lawyers shouldn’t be arrogant. Too much confidence can lead to carelessness and the inability to make rational decisions. At some point, an arrogant lawyer may even dismiss your directives.

Compare the Fee

Law firms have varying legal fees. While your purpose is to win the case, you must ensure that this doesn’t happen at a very high price. It’s, therefore, necessary to hire a law firm that quotes low fees.

Some people make the mistake of believing that a law firm with high fees is more qualified. This isn’t true as some firms have high fees because they typically work with large corporations.

It’s also important to know everything that you’re supposed to pay for. Some attorneys fail to clarify all their charges from the onset. This means that you may end up paying much more than you had initially agreed.

Hire the Best Drug Possession Attorney to Get a Favorable Outcome

There are many drug possession attorneys, but not all of them will convince the jury to set you free. You need to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses before settling on the best lawyer. Once you get the best legal practice, you can proceed to work on your case.

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