The internet has made everyone lie about their age while signing into any social media sites. Even though the world of the internet opens up many possibilities for children, some irresponsible decisions can lead to sexual abuse of a child and the images that are posted online. Some case severities can lead to taking legal help as well.

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Online Sexual Offenses

Here are some of the kinds of online sexual offenses that are committed against child internet users.

Sex Crimes in the Form of Child Porn 

This is a type of crime where the images of the children, who are of non-legal ages are used against their consent and also without them knowing about it. The minor ages in Texas are children belonging to the age of below 18 years. Child pornography is of many kinds and one such is using images from different social media for sexting, or for some other illegal crimes.

The sender of such images across the internet and the one who uses them for some illegal activities will be punished for their crime with more than 2 years of jail in Texas.

Solicitation of Sex Crimes Involving Minors Online 

Online solicitation of a minor is a major crime in Texas. The soliciting includes sending emails, messages, or some other ways of communicating with a minor. The person involved will be charged with jail time of 2 to 20 years.

Taking Legal Help

An Internet sex crime is an offense and when it involves a minor, it becomes a major crime in the world of child safety laws. When your child or someone close to you faces such issues, it is suggested to take legal help as early as possible.

Child Stalking 

Stalking is a kind of behavior where there is an involvement of constant checking on a child by an unknown person. This follows a behavior pattern. If your child feels such threats from any source, especially from an unknown source online, then the Texas law suggests taking legal help to make the person back off and also to face the charges of their behavior as per the law of the state.


Cyberstalking, also known as bullying a child online is an online sex abuse charge and it can make a person face their charges in great severity. Sometimes, prolonged cyberstalking can not only destroy the mental health of a child but also feel harassment, which can lead the child to suffer from social anxiety and other such issues.

Sometimes, the severity of cyberstalking can lead to not only keeping a closer look at all online activities of a minor but also utilizing their uploaded images and videos for some cybercrimes. Hence, the parents are suggested to keep a closer eye on all the online activities of their child.

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