The OCI or Overseas Citizenship of India card was introduced in August 2005, which allowed NRIs or non-resident Indians, dual citizenship to their motherland, India. When you come to think about it, an OCI card has a lot of benefits which includes a life long visa to India, which means never having to apply again for a tourist Visa or a Business visa to visit India. Having said that, however, even though technology has made it a lot easier, filling in and OCI application in London online, carefully can really become a frustrating experience – and this is where we come in, by ensuring to take care of the entire process for you, and get your OCI card. We will make sure that you receive a worry-free service, and your OCI application in London it’s completely taken care of.

You can enjoy the following benefits with an OCI Card:

  • You can enjoy multiple entries, multipurpose lifelong visa to be able to visit India whenever you please.
  • You will be exempted from having to report to the police authorities in India, for any length of time that you end up staying in India.
  • You will also enjoy parity with the NRIs in terms of financial, economic as well as educational fields the only difference is that will arise is in the acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties.
  • Even in terms of employment, you get employed in the private sector as well as other professional practices let’s just say it all is as are open to you except mountaineering missionary and research work.
  • Also in case, as a holder on an OCI Card, you come to India to work for an employer and then later decide to leave that job, you will not have to leave India.

Apart from the privileges that you can enjoy once you fill our your OCI Application in London and get your OCI Card also include:

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  • Having parity with an NRI is terms of the entree festival that are charged and historical sites and national museums. Pursuing certain professions like doctors, nurses, dentist, advocates, architects etc.
  • Also when it comes to appearing for All India Pre-Medical Tests or any such tests, which actually let you become eligible for admissions for pursuing the provisions that are contained in relevant acts. 
  • Apart from this an OCI Application in London that furnished you with an OCI Card, also makes you eligible for Inter-Country adoption.

Overall an NRI Legal Services firm will also tell you that once you get an OCI Card filling out an OCI Application in London, you will also become eligible to apply for citizenship under the Citizenship Cat of 1955. For this, you need to have possessed an OCI Card for 5 years and been residing in India for another 5 years before trying to make an application. The only catch, however, is that you will have to renounce your foreign citizenship, before accepting an Indian one. 

So for any NRI legal services needs that you may have, ranging from hiring conveyancing solicitors in London to getting an OCI Card – we have got you covered.


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