When choosing your divorce attorney, it’s important to consider their skills. Ideally, you want someone skilled at negotiating settlements or trying cases in court.

They should also stay calm and composed when confronted by opposing counsel or the judge. This helps ensure they can present a strong case and will not succumb to emotional pressures.


When choosing a divorce attorney, it is important that you feel confident in them. This will lessen some of the pressure around your case. Having a lawyer who can speak fluently and effectively is also beneficial.

A great divorce attorney should be able to maintain composure and be professional, even when roadblocks occur. Your lawyer should be able to think on their feet and develop creative solutions.

When interviewing potential attorneys, ask how they would characterize their approach to cases. For example, some lawyers are more aggressive than others and may have different philosophies regarding child custody issues. Also, be sure to ask how they keep their clients informed. They should be able to tell you how quickly they can respond and provide a reasonable time frame to expect an answer.


During divorce proceedings, your attorney must absorb and interpret much information from you and other parties. He must also communicate this information and set realistic expectations for your case.

When vetting potential divorce attorneys, seek experience specific to your unique circumstances. For example, if you have complex child custody issues or substantial assets to divide, choose an attorney who has handled similar cases.

A good divorce attorney should be punctual and responsive to all communications. He should also have a team of supportive staff to help him at key points in your case. This is especially important if your lawyer has many clients and can only answer some of your questions in person.


Honesty is more than just not lying; it is the ability to convey clear facts to others. It also includes refraining from attempts at manipulation that could sway the outcome of a case.

Spouses need to evaluate attorneys for honesty. Red flags include sugarcoating information, offering false hope, and misrepresenting experience. It is a good idea to cross-reference any claims an attorney makes with their website or other sources.

As divorce cases often involve complex issues, spouses need to know they can trust their attorneys to be honest and straightforward with them. Otherwise, they may make costly mistakes during the process that can have long-lasting consequences for their future. This quality is vital to achieving the best outcomes for spouses and their families.

Listening Skills

Divorce is an emotional and stressful process, especially when children are involved. An attorney needs to be able to listen and understand the concerns of their clients during this time.

A good divorce lawyer can talk candidly with their client, explaining strengths and faults without being judgmental or giving false expectations. This quality is vital for the long-term success of a divorce case.

A competent divorce attorney must also remain composed in court. Being angry or furious with the court or your spouse’s attorney is normal throughout a divorce. Still, an excellent lawyer will know when to control their feelings so they can continue to represent you effectively.


Divorce can be a very emotional time for all parties. It’s important that your attorney can empathize with the circumstances that you are facing while still maintaining professionalism.

When selecting your divorce attorney, be sure that you can communicate with them effortlessly and that they make you feel safe during discussions about sensitive issues. This will allow for a more productive and successful working relationship.

During a divorce, your attorney may need to convey information about complex matters like a child or spousal support agreements, large financial settlements, and property valuation. Your attorney should be able to maintain focus and not get distracted by emotions or personal agendas that could interfere with the case. This is why you must return calls and emails promptly.

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