Car crashes cost over $380 million in medical costs within the US each year. Do you know what to do if you’re in a crash? If not, you might find yourself paying out-of-pocket to cover your medical bills.

Instead, you can contact a car accident lawyer and make a case for yourself. With their help, you can file a claim and receive compensation for your losses.

What do you do when you’re in a no-fault car accident? Here are the five steps you need to take. With these tips, you can protect your rights and cover your expenses.

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  1. Move to Safety

Immediately after you’re in a crash, it’s normal to feel disoriented. Try to take a breath and calm yourself. Otherwise, you might make a mistake before you even contact a car accident lawyer.

After the crash, move out of traffic. Moving to safety will help you avoid additional damages.

Make sure not to leave the scene. You could get charged with a hit and run otherwise. Instead, call the police as soon as possible.

They’ll play an important part in determining who’s at fault. 

  1. Speak With the Police

You’re legally obligated to report a crash to the police in some states. In the case of a no-fault car accident, their report could indicate fault. 

Over 90 people die in car accidents each day. In addition to reporting any deaths, the police will also record physical injuries and property damage. Make sure to ask for a copy of their report.

Your car accident lawyer can use this report to build your case.

  1. Take Notes

Gather evidence while you’re still at the crime scene. This can include photos of your location, property damage, and injuries.

Take note of what road you’re on. What direction were you driving in? Did anyone witness the crash?

Get the driver’s contact information and insurance information as well.

Were you injured? Check with a doctor. Their medical report can benefit the lawsuit.

Photo and video evidence will help act as important evidence for your case.

  1. Call the Insurance Company

You might want to call your insurance company while you’re at the scene of the crash. Your insurer might ask you to use a smartphone app. Otherwise, they’ll help you through the process of filing an insurance claim.

  1. Find a Lawyer

Should you hire a lawyer after you’re in a car accident? Yes! An experienced car accident lawyer will help determine who’s at fault for the accident. 

They’ll use the evidence you gathered to build a case on your behalf. In the meantime, make sure to follow your doctor’s orders. Keep track of all your treatments and expenses to help your lawyer determine your losses. 

Drive to Safety: 5 Steps to Take After a No-Fault Car Accident

Remember to take a breath and keep your cool after you’re in a crash. By following these steps, you can build a case for a no-fault car accident. Don’t forget to consult your lawyer before filing a lawsuit.

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