Those who plan to make the United States their primary place of residence, is awarded the status of lawful permanent resident. The right to live in America endlessly as an immigrant must be obtained lawfully. Lawful permanent residence (LPR) bearers are also frequently referred to as green card holders.

There are several options available for applying for this. In general, an authorized immigration petition is required. For their application for acceptance of LPR status, they must also have an immigrant visa.

Although some categories allow for self-sponsorship, immigrant applications typically entail either employer or family support. You can get more details about acquiring LPR status by visiting the U.S. USCIS or Citizenship and Immigration Services. For further information, you can also speak with or contact a local attorney.

U.S. Green Cards

Officially, it is referred to as a permanent residency card. This identity certificate attests to an individual’s status as a legal resident of the US. Formally, holders are referred to as LPRs. 

After demonstrating by a substantial majority of the evidence that they have consistently resided in the state, they are by statute eligible to submit an application and acquire U.S. citizenship. Good moral character must be verified and one to five years of stay is required. If a child under the age of eighteen has at least one parent who is a citizen of America, they immediately get their citizenship. 

Because of its historical greenish tint, this has been dubbed as a green card – visit for further reading. A certificate of alien registration was the previous name for this. If an immigrant is 18 years of age or older and does not have a this, they could be jailed for a maximum of thirty days unless there are special conditions. 

Responsibilities as Green Card Holders

As a legal permanent resident of the United States, you have certain responsibilities upon obtaining your status.

  • You need to disclose income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and file income tax returns. 
  • You are required to abide by all applicable local and state regulations. 
  • To be eligible for the Selective Service, men must register between the ages of 18 and 25. 
  • You ought to always have a current LPR. 
  • They are prohibited from using unlawful methods to try and alter the structure of government. 

How a Lawyer Can Help with the Process​?

Acquiring a green card is a big decision that numerous individuals must make to settle in or find employment in the USA. But a lot of people who are applying for this know how difficult it is to get one, especially with all the requirements that must be met. It’s critical to understand how a lawyer can assist with the application process because it can be daunting and occasionally lead to errors or delays with disastrous consequences.

Although it is not necessary to have legal representation while submitting your application, there are several circumstances in which an applicant may find that having an attorney is quite beneficial. This is particularly crucial to take into account because issues that may crop up during the application process could make things extremely challenging.

The field of immigration law is renowned for its complexity. Typical instances in which legal counsel can help applicants with the process are as follows:

Ensuring the Applicants Meet the Right Conditions

Only when specific requirements are satisfied may you apply. Though it might seem straightforward to just ask for residency permission by calling the closest government office, it’s not simple. To successfully obtain a green card, candidates can assess their eligibility with the assistance of an experienced lawyer by:

  • ties with relatives 
  • occupational 
  • classification as a particular immigrant 
  • status as an asylum seeker or refugee 
  • whether the applicant has ever been the victim of abuse, a crime, or human trafficking
    eligibility via an alternative route 

Determine Whether the Applicant Is Eligible for Residency Based on a Family Relationship

Not all relationships entitle a person to petition for permanent status in America. To be eligible, families must first fulfill specific requirements. Before a lawyer gets and files immigration papers for an individual or a family, certain requirements must be satisfied. 

Collect Supporting Documentation

After confirming that the person requesting is qualified to file for one, an attorney can assist with the application procedure. They can help in making sure candidates have the required supporting documentation (click this) and in filing the appropriate paperwork.

Preparing for Your Interview

Aspirants need to undergo the interview procedure. A lawyer can assist in getting ready for this crucial meeting by going over its details and possible inquiries. 

Questions asked during interviews may differ for each candidate. On the whole, however, candidates will be required to confirm the data they submitted. 

This may involve asking the candidate if they have ever been convicted of any crimes. You can also be asked about your employment situation, marital status, and/or place of living right now.


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