There aren’t many of us in the world who have to go through the fear and frustration of knowing that we are no longer welcome in our own country. In some cases, that fear can be due to more than just being of an unpopular political stance. In many countries, people are fleeing a sort of persecution that no one sees in most developed countries.

In Canada, like many other Commonwealth countries, we are used to having a free, open, and democratic society. We live and work without fear of any kind of blatant bias towards us that would result in the loss of our work, our homes, or even our lives. There are others that are not so fortunate.

Many immigrants to our country are fleeing conditions that will result in the deaths of the family and themselves if they were to stay. As a result, they have no choice but to flee their homes and start over again somewhere else. For those who do come to Canada, becoming a citizen isn’t a guarantee, despite what some people believe to be true.

A person requesting asylum in Canada or seeking to begin anew here has to meet certain conditions here to be granted a work visa, and begin that path to eventual citizenship. For people who are seeking asylum or refugee status, they have to prove that they are in real danger if they were to be deported back to their country of origin. Otherwise, if they are immigrating to Canada to start a new life, they have to prove that they will be good, contributing members to society. This is done through a point system, and it isn’t easy to accumulate points.

Moreover, once a person has been granted a work visa, there is still a long way to go before they get full citizenship. Along that road, there are strict rules that have to be rigorously followed, or an immigrant can find themselves facing deportation. That’s why many people recommend having an immigration consultant to aid a person through the process.

Immigration consultants aren’t just people who give advice and help to the immigrants attempting to secure citizenship in Canada. They are legal professionals and are specialists in the area of immigration. Their job is pretty straightforward: guide immigrants through the process of immigrationfrom beginning to end.

It’s easy to wonder if such a position would be required in Canada, but there is plenty to say that there is a definite need for such a profession in this country. The process here is long and complex. For someone who is trying to move to Canada, they’re unlikely to be familiar with all of the rules and regulations associated with such an endeavor. Ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking a rule, and as a result, it is highly recommended that immigrants to Canada have immigration consultants on their side.

It has become a fact today that immigration consultants are an important part of Canadian society, even if they’re not the most visible!

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