You would never suspect your husband or wife that he or she is cheating you particularly if she or he is not interested in sex. You always believe that your wife or husband is a good person and loves you. Unfortunately, women or men and especially the men are often left or divorced before they are aware of their wives’/husbands’ infidelities or affairs. If you are a woman, exactly like most women, you would always proclaim that you are not like other women and would never cheat. But once you cheat, like most women you are shocked and appalled by your approaches, attitudes and behaviour, but you would never stop cheating further. Get in touch with Andrew Heft divorce lawyer for the best counselling services in case of divorce and reconciliation.

If you are a woman, admit some practical facts often most women commit. Women push men for further commitment and they anyhow get what they want. In course of time they lose interest in sex and eventually get attracted to other guys. Before they are aware of their situation, they fall in the trap of cheating physically as well as emotionally, and frequently get angry or resentful. They start blaming their partners for their misbehaviour and tell their partners that they need time apart. Ultimately, in the long process of back and forth, and in the several attempts of getting out of their affairs, they fail and seek divorce. More or the same with the men too. Men also go through the same process as most women before they approach the court for a divorce.

As far as women are concerned, several studies have confirmed that the women go through 4 broad stages especially with regards to relationships, sexuality and marriages, before they end up and seek divorce. In the contemporary scenario, 70 to 75% of divorce have been initiated by women.

The first stage women go through before the extreme decision of divorce is their lack of interest in sex. This common in most women at their 4 years or more than that of their marriage. The second stage begins when a woman encounters a new relationship outside the marital relationship. It may not be a sexual relationship in the beginning, but she starts cheating herself as well as others around her. In the third stage, women find themselves already in affairs, and struggling to end the affairs or negotiating the divorce. In the fourth and final stage, the women either find happiness in living with their new relationship, or in some cases continue with their married life by compromising and ending their affair.

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