If you are suffering from anxiety or PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder after your car accident, you can claim PTSD compensation provided you do not have any fault for the car accident and do not have physical injuries. You can then take a help of an Atlanta car accident attorney who will assist you to prove that you have one or multiple symptoms of PTSD based on which you are entitled to claim for a PTSD compensation. In this context, PTSD or anxiety or psychological trauma and depression is not only unpleasant but can affect your life and livelihood in many ways and at many different times. The PTSD-related anxiety and stress are different between each other because the sufferer of anxiety usually never knows the cause or reason behind his or her anxiety whereas a man or woman who is suffering from stress normally knows the reason behind her or his stress.

There are numerous symptoms of anxiety including both physical and psychological symptoms and at the same time, unusual changes in the behaviour. A sufferer may have one or multiple symptoms along with increase in heartbeat or heart rate, increase in muscle tension, difficulties in breathing, hyperventilation, jelly-like feelings in the legs, tingle in hands and feet, dizzy feeling, feeling like going to toilet again and again, often feeling sick, feeling suffocated and tight across the chest, headaches and sweating, and often experiencing hot flushes.

In addition to the above symptoms, the sufferer of anxiety may also feel dry mouth, start shaking, feel palpitations, choking sensations etc. Besides this, a sufferer of anxiety may also feel one or more psychological symptoms such as he or she may feel like losing control and going mad, may have real feeling that he or she is going to die, or feel that he or she will be seriously ill or get heart attack, or may faint etc.

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