Are you afraid that workplace accidents could leave you in a difficult situation that greatly affects your company?

People experience accidents regardless of the industry they work in, and so, it is important to know how they occur. Whether you are the employer or the employee, you have a role to play in ensuring that the workplace is safe.

Some workplace accidents can be mild, which means that the employee can continue working without anything to worry about. However, others can be too severe, leaving someone incapacitated. Others such as construction site accidents can be fatal, and so, they should be prevented at all costs.

This article looks at the most common workplace accidents and how everyone can stay safe no matter the risk they are exposed to.


Overexertion occurs when a person experiences strain or sprain because of lifting heavy items. It can lead to serious injuries in cases where the person was carrying an extremely heavy load. For instance, you could hurt your back because of carrying heavy logs and loading them in a truck.

Some of the industries where you are likely to experience overexertion include:

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Farming

Apart from injuring your back, this type of accident can also cause damage to your muscles. You may hear of a person with a torn calf muscle or biceps. For them, the only solution is to find treatment and the services of a professional such as a construction worksite injury lawyer.

Slip and Fall Workplace Accidents

You may fall down a few stairs or from the roof depending on the work you are involved in. These types of accidents are common in almost any workplace and are caused by various factors. For example, you may slip and fall because you were fixing an item on the roof and one shingle moved out of its place.

People in the office may fall because of walking on a slippery floor. There are always warning signs to let you know when a floor is slippery, but accidents still occur. It becomes worse when the surface is wet because the chances of sliding over a longer distance will be higher, leading to worse injuries.

Various injuries can result from slips and falls, depending on how severe the accident was. They include:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Strains
  • Sprains

Falling Objects

Another accident that you are likely to experience especially when you work in a physically intensive environment is being hit by falling objects. A falling stone on a construction site can lead to serious head damages to anyone beneath. It can also injure other body parts including shoulders, back, legs, and others depending on the position of the victim.

People are always warned not to stand, sit, or even walk past areas where objects are likely to fall. However, they sometimes have to take risks because the work demands so. In this case, being injured by these objects becomes more likely, and they have to live with the aftermath.

It may be easy to prevent people from being hit by falling objects at workplaces. For example, construction sites often have safety nets that trap the objects before they hit the ground. However, some carelessness and negligence by both the victim and the causers will always lead to accidents.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion is a workplace injury that mostly affects people who work in offices, especially for long hours. People who suffer from this condition are often involved in doing the same thing all the time. For example, an office assistant may be moving from one office to another while delivering papers.

It becomes a problem when the repetitive motion occurs without any break. It affects various parts of the body. In addition to that, it creates a situation in the brain that can lead to worse effects. Conditions that are associated with repetitive motion include:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

The best way to avoid Repetitive motion is to create significant breaks between work. In addition to that, employees can rotate from one position to another to avoid focusing on the same task all the time. When the need arises, these employees should be given some time off duty to refresh their minds and body.


Electrocution is always a danger to anyone regardless of where they work because electricity is the main source of power for everyone. You do not have to be an electrician to worry about this accident. You can be struck even when you have nothing to do with power control.

The main cause of electrocution is faulty systems. For instance, if an electrician did a shoddy job when installing electric cables, there will always be the risk of electrocution. This kind of personal injury often leads to a lot of questions and arguments.

Apart from faulty systems, people face electrocution at the workplace because of their errors. Someone may not know how to use an appliance, yet they insist on using it, leading to an electric shock. Another possible occurrence is when employees ignore warning signs and get into contact with live electric cables.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

People whose jobs involve driving can also be injured at the workplace. It does not matter if you are a driver or an employee who is being chauffeured to work. As long as the vehicle you were riding in belongs to the organization, it is a personal injury caused by motor vehicle accidents.

What makes this accident unique from the rest is how it can either happen within the company’s premises or elsewhere. For instance, a driver can cause a collision accident while delivering merchandise to retailers or picking the CEO from the airport. These employees need to learn about safety precautions to increase their chances of staying safe.

Get an Attorney To Help You Get Compensation After a Workplace Accident

If you experience any type of workplace accident, the first action should be to contact a lawyer. They will assess the situation, compile evidence, and help you file a suit. They will also help you get your rightful compensation.

We hope our guide on workplace accidents was helpful. Our website has many articles similar to this one; you can read them any time.

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