A lot of parents who have decided to go in separate ways are stuck in seemingly impossible child custody battles. Both sides may not be willing to compromise and the parents turn to family lawyers to help to get their specific custody goals. While you may try to work out an agreement on your own, you should know why you must have an experienced attorney on your side to handle your custody case. Waiting too long to contact an attorney for assistance could result in you facing serious issues that an attorney cannot fix. The following are the reasons to hire an attorney who specialises in child custody cases:

A Lawyer Understand Custody Laws

After thoroughly reviewing your case, your lawyer can help you determine how best you can move forward. They may suggest negotiating with your spouse instead of going to court. Your Litvack Dessureault LLP attorney will develop a strategy based on strengths and weaknesses. The court will determine custody based on what it thinks is in the best interest of a child. It may consider a lot of factors when analysing every case and your attorney is familiar with these factors. Your attorney will help you understand custody laws and how they may apply to your case. 

They can Frame Your Case in the Best Possible Way

If your child custody dispute ends up in court, you and your ex have something in mind that you want to be heard and pushed forward. You may want to blame the other for causing the strain in your relationship or focus on their mistakes. A court battle that involves your child is an emotional experience and it can be difficult to control your emotions.

While you need to tell your story, you must know how to present this information to the court. What judges just care about is what’s best for your child. Your attorney can identify the most significant issues in your case and create a strategy that highlights your concerns. They will frame your case in a way that you can demonstrate your ideas that the court should approve.

Your Attorney Will Focus on the Details

Although it is important to have legal representation at trial, it is also important to consult a lawyer when you are trying to negotiate a custody agreement with your ex-spouse. 

In general, parents who have divorced fail to concentrate on the details. Instead, they focus on who gets the child and which parents can make major decisions for the child. They usually don’t think about what can expect when a dispute arises. By having an attorney on your side, you can be sure every disputed issue is handled carefully. 

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