It is indeed a very nasty experience for any common person to fall in prey of DUI-DWI charges. It can cast a bad impact on your present and future life. You can even soothe a mental trauma with time, but you can never get rid of the charges unless you hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Houston. Even after you hire one, you still cannot be sure to gain freedom off its noose if you try to be partially open. Well, let us talk about the things that you should confess to your attorney.


  • Do You Have Any Past Record Of Criminal Activities?


This is one of the main things, which you will need to confess to your DWI-DUI Attorney Houston. Of course, it is important for your attorney to know every inch of your past incidents. Having a criminal record can put adverse effects on the punishments. The attorney will need to prepare further in such cases. Even drug or alcoholism reports can negatively work on your conviction. No matter how many years before that happened, be transparent to your attorney.


  • Where Were You When They Busted You? 


Now, this is also another simple yet complex matter, which can change the course of the decisions in the future. Tell your lawyer about specific details of where you were drinking. Were you present at a nightclub? Or was it at the bar down the street? Maybe you were in your home, but whatever it is, you should tell that to your attorney. Make it sure that you do not spring up brand new facts to the prosecutor attorney which your attorney did not know of.


  • What Did You Mumble When The Cops Caught You?


Getting panic-stricken, many people start vomiting out all the details to the cops in front of the mass. Well, this can be very hazardous for you, and it is a suggestion that you avoid disclosing anything to the cops. However, even if you do so at the daunting moment, be sure to let your attorney know about the things.


  • Are You Under Any Medical Treatment?


Even being off the topic, this is a very crucial thing, which your attorney needs to know. Often it happens that people with any medical condition going on result differently in the Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). Even the same case happens in a breath test.  

Attorneys can be really helpful if you provide them with everything they want to know. Doing so can save your day.


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