Divorce is the dissolution of a marital agreement or bond by the court. In simple terms, it means that the married couple wants to terminate the marriage and its legal responsibilities. A good lawyer would make the process easier. Talk to divorce lawyer Newburyport to get the required help.

There are two types of divorce situations. In a condition where both the partners want to go for divorce by abiding by the rules of each other, Then it is a Mutual Divorce. If in case only one partner is willing to move out of the union and the other doesn’t, then it is generally a Contested Divorce.

What is a Mutual Divorce

When a marriage reaches a stage where it is better to live separately, and if that happens by mutual consent, then divorce becomes easier. Mutual divorce in such a case becomes less traumatic to both individuals. Generally, the Husband and Wife do not put any allegations on each other, and they decide on the alimony part if any. 

Advantages of opting for a Mutual Divorce

  • You would need only one lawyer to present your case in court.
  • The process is less time consuming since there are no trial requirements here.
  • You would save a lot of money.

What is a Contested Divorce

When there is no possibility of a mutual Divorce and one partner does not intend to stay in a marriage, it is known as Contested Divorce. If both the partners want to separate but are not agreeing on specific conditions of each other, then also the divorce goes under Contested Divorce. There can be differences in alimony expectations, allegations, etc., issues where both the partners do not come into consensus and end up in court seeking a judge to decide for them. The person filing for divorce is called the Plaintiff, and the opposite partner would be the defendant.

Why avoid Contested Divorce?

  • You need separate lawyers to present and fight your case.
  • A contested divorce is time-consuming and can take years to a fruitful result.
  • You will have to spend a lot of money.

Conclusion: When someone is going through emotional turmoil in a relationship and seems challenging to stay in, it is always recommended to move out. Mutual one will save up a lot of time and money, and otherwise, it is traumatic for both the individuals going through it.

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