Following traffic rules, maintaining a safe distance, avoiding consumption of alcohol or drugs, and most importantly, having a positive attitude while driving a car are the essential aspects to prevent a car accident. Your or somebody else’s negligence can lead to unpredictable and unfavorable outcomes. 

Individuals who drive daily have complete knowledge of road safety and its importance. However, it is not uncommon for regular and experienced drivers to get distracted while driving. Attending a phone call or typing a message can distract a driver and lead to an accident. The accident could result in injuries to the spinal cord, neck, brain, fractures, and more. Moreover, injuries to the brain have to be treated in time to avoid complications. Suppose you or your loved ones have faced complications due to a car accident and believe that your injuries are due to someone else’s carelessness. In that case, you can hire a Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer to help you file a car accident claim and compensate for your injuries and losses. 

Signs associated with head injuries 

Head injuries can have a wide range of physical and psychological effects. Based on the severity of the injury, head injuries are categorized as mild and moderate to severe head injuries. 

  1. Mild head injury:

Physical signs Of mild injuries include:

  • Vomiting:

Mild injuries cause vertigo which results in the release of hormones leading to nausea or vomiting, and the victim starts to feel pain in their head. 

  • The blurring of vision:

After a head injury, the vitreous humor (fluid inside the eye) gets imbalanced, which causes vitreous hemorrhage; this is another serious problem that results from a car accident and causes the victim to experience blurring of vision.

  • Feeling fatigued:

The victim feels fatigued after an accident, as during the accident, the body releases adrenaline(fight or flight hormone) to cope with the stressful situation. Once the concentration of adrenalin drops, the victim may feel fatigued temporarily. If the issue is persistent, then the victim should get medical assistance. 

Sensory signs Include: 

  • Ringing of ears. 
  • Changes in the ability to smell or sensation of smell. 
  • Sensitivity to sound or light may increase or decrease. 

Mental signs include: 

  • Victims may observe depression or insomnia.
  • The victim may lose consciousness for a few minutes to approximately 30 minutes.
  • Victims may have frequent mood swings due to disruption in the flow of hormones. 
  1. Moderate to severe head injuries:

Physical signs include: 

  • Recurrent vomiting. 
  • Headaches worsen over time. 
  • Numbness in the finger and toes. 
  • Seizures and epilepsy. 
  • Unable to wake up from sleep. 
  • Loss in the ability to do work in coordination. 
  • Dilation of the pupil. 

Mental signs include: 

  • The victim is unable to recognize their family members and has profound confusion. 
  • The victim is unable to pronounce sentences and has slurries in their speech.
  • Coma, a disorder related to consciousness, is significantly related to severe head injury.
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