The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application process is challenging and usually perplexing. The application process might take some time, and applicants typically have to wait several months for a Social Security Administration response (SSA). A skilled and qualified SSDI attorney can assist you in presenting your case effectively and efficiently and can help you through the complex web of Social Security offices, processes, bureaucrats, and rules. Click here if you have been on the lookout for an attorney to help you through the process. 

Initial consultation:

During this initial visit, the lawyer will go over the details like the duration of SSDI, the understanding of medically determinable impairment (MDI) and work credits, the implications of substantial gainful activity (SGA) for your claim, and an overview of the application procedure for Social Security disability benefits. 

Information required by the lawyer:

To successfully apply for disability benefits with the SSA, the lawyer will ask for details that can demonstrate that you have an injury or medical condition that may sustain for at least a year or longer or constitute a condition that may lead to death.  

This can be demonstrated by proving that the person has one of the impairments listed on the Social Security Administration’s website, or by showing that their functional abilities to work are so limited that they are still unable to perform their previous relevant jobs or other jobs that are in high demand within the country’s economy. 

Things you need to carry in the initial consultation:

A common concern among potential clients is that if they fail to bring something crucial to their first session. The good news is that for this initial consultation, the lawyers simply you to be present. If they decide to represent you and believe they can add value to your claim, they may request documents from you at a later time or even assist you in obtaining the data and proof they require.

Do SSDI lawyers work with doctors?

Simply giving the SSA copies of your medical records is insufficient for SSDI claims. The SSDI claim process must involve the claimant’s doctors on an ongoing basis. Together with you, they actively gather data from the medical professionals treating our clients, starting with questionnaires they develop with the treating doctors during an office visit.

Final thoughts:

It’s crucial to get the best lawyer for your SSD application or appeal. If not, you can miss out on benefits to which you are entitled. Hire a lawyer right away if you require assistance with an SSD benefits claim.

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