Those who have been arrested for the first time may not know what to expect when they speak with a lawyer about their case. Typically, during the consultation, an attorney will briefly review the case, ask a few questions, and let the accused know how they can help. Most of the time, the consultation is just for introductions, to make sure the accused and the attorney would like to work together and to answer basic questions the accused may have. Some things the accused shouldn’t expect from the consultation will include the following.

Don’t Expect an In-Depth Review Immediately

The attorney likely won’t look at the case before the consultation, as the client will bring relevant information with them. The secretary who sets up the consultation will only ask a few basic questions ahead of time. This means the attorney can’t provide a full, in-depth review of the situation or tell the accused exactly what the next steps are. What they will do is give the accused guidance on what to do now, ask questions for clarification, and start thinking about what the next steps will be to help the accused.

Don’t Expect a Complete Defense During the Consultation

As mentioned, the attorney likely won’t do a thorough review of the case prior to the consultation, so the accused should not expect to receive a detailed defense plan. The attorney may have a few suggestions for how to defend against the charges, but the plan should not be finalized until the attorney has the time to review all of the information and evidence for the case. It is better to wait and make sure the defense has a higher chance of being successful than to rush and hope it works.

Don’t Expect a Specific Outcome to be Promised

Attorneys aren’t going to promise that a conviction can be avoided or that the accused will only receive probation. There are simply too many variables that can make a difference in how the case ends. Instead, the accused should expect the attorney to review some of the possible outcomes and how likely they are to occur. If the accused has any questions about the minimum penalties for a crime or what penalties they’re facing, the attorney can answer those questions.

Don’t Expect to Get Everything Done in One Day

It’s never a good idea to rush the defense in a criminal case. The accused should not expect to get everything done during a half-hour or one-hour consultation. There simply isn’t enough time for the attorney to review the evidence. Instead, the accused should expect the attorney to offer a brief overview of what to expect, then work on the case after they are hired. This way, proper time is taken to avoid mistakes like missing something important that can impact the case’s outcome.

If you’ve been arrested, it’s time to start talking to Attorneys about your situation to see what can be done. However, it is important to make sure you understand what can and likely can’t happen during a consultation, so you don’t expect to get everything done immediately. Building a good defense takes time, but talking to an attorney today can help you get started.

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