Millionaire’s Way to a Green Card! The United States has a couple of options for Business Investment Visas. Here’s what Eb5 best immigration lawyers in houston can guide you with for a successful investment and immigration.

USA EB-5 investor visa

The EB5 visa gives permanent residency to those investing $900,000 or $1.8M cost in a new business that creates ten full-time jobs across the United States or in the U.S government approved commercial property in the regional center. The investor visa can be beneficial as it grants access to the Permanent Residency of the United States for not just the applicant but for the immediate family as well. An immediate family would mean the applicant, spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 21 years.

E-2 investor visa USA

For many people, an effective alternative to the USA EB5 Investment Visa can be the E-2 visa. E-2 is a Non-Immigrant Visa that allows the investors from treaty countries to work in the United States through their investment in a USA enterprise. The E2 investment must be substantial but it is far less than whats required in the EB5 category.

The E-2 Visa can only be obtained by the citizens of the countries holding an E-2 treaty with the United States. There are many countries that qualify for the E-2 treaty. Having citizenship by birth or through the Investment in these countries entitles the holder to apply for a USA E-2 Visa. The route to residency can be much faster and cheaper than EB-5 investor visa. The key difference with the E-2 is that it is a non-immigrant visa, it can not lead to a Green Card like EB-5 Investor Visa does.

Green card by investment

The EB-5 Visa is a Green card through investment. Investors are given a temporary green card after two years. 10,000 applications are available per year. 5,000 of these is reserved for investments through the regional centers. Success rate for the EB-5 is quite high and generally depends on the investment type, personal situation, legal representation and regional center. The E2 Visa offers residency through substantial investment in a business. It is not a direct path to USA Green card.

US Citizenship By Investment

EB-5 and E2 are not a citizenship by investment program, However; after getting a Green Card via the EB-5 visa route, investors can apply for USA citizenship after five years of Permanent Residency. The process is known as Naturalization.

 Basic Requirements For Investor’s Visa

Green cards for investors are currently limited to 10,000 applicants yearly of which three thousand are reserved for persons investing in rural areas of high unemployment. Only the person who  owns the business is hold in the quota, not the family members who may or do accompany the applicants. Recently, the quotas are not fully occupied, but it is expected that soon there may be waiting periods for qualified applicants. However, due to the high monetary requirements for this visa, it is likely to remain the fastest business related way to enter the United States with a chance of getting a green card.

Green cards through investment are available to anyone who invests a minimum of $900,000 to create a new United States business (or investing same in an already existing business approved by the United States govt) so long as the business will employ at least ten full-time United States legal workers excluding the investor, the spouse of the investor or their children. The investor must plan on also being the overseer in running the business at least initially and must be in the U.S for six month period in every 12 months.

Assuming the business is located in specified rural areas or an urban area with high unemployment rate at least 1.5 times the national average in the United States, the investment may be lowered to $500,00. The various State governments notify the INS which areas conform to these requirements. Get in touch with the abogados de inmigracion houston texas for more information.

It is vital to note that this does not necessarily require a cash investment of $1.8 million. Loans and notes are counted in the total, as well as the value of equipment and inventory. Borrowed funds are accepted if the investor is personally liable for payment in the event of default on the loans, and the loans are secured by a personal asset not on the intended United State investment.(It mean that an investor can not use inventory or equipment in the U.S investment program as collateral to fund the borrowed loan).

While various investors can use the same business to apply for the investor visa, each one of them must individually meet the monetary requirement of $1.8 million and be responsible for ten jobs. Though, eight investors must invest $80,000,000, and create eighty full-time jobs for qualified U.S workers and retain them for at least two year. The good news, you are not required to work in the company for as long as the investment stays intact for three years and you get a green card (conditional for the first two years). After five years you may apply to become an American citizen and if you qualify for a green card through investment, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21, may also get green cards as independents. investment visa united states lawyer is here for any enquire.

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