Conveyors are the most conspicuous parts of an industrial mining plant unit. Whether they are used for loading raw materials, moving partly developed product, or evacuating finished products, you need to ensure they are in top condition all the time. Unlike other parts of a production system that can stop with little impact on the mining system, it is different when it comes to conveyors. When they stop, the entire mining process grinds to a halt! 

To improve the efficiency of a mining system’s conveyor belt, you need to have the right technology and tools. In this industry, the tools are crucial in identifying problems and fixing them on time before major breakdown and losses set in. To maintain the conveyors in top condition, you need the right tools. 

Types of Conveyors

Before looking at the different tools, it is important to appreciate that there are different types of conveyors systems. Besides, they also have varying parts such as the rollers and motors. Therefore, the tools should help you to address common problems such as cutting the belt drives or holding the rollers as new fasteners are fitted.  The main types of conveyors used in the mining industry include: 

  • Belt conveyors. 
  • Modular roller conveyors. 
  • Accumulation conveyors. 
  • Conveyors to move and accumulate pallets. 
  • Merging conveyors. 

Innovative Tools for Improving Mining Conveyors Efficiency 

  • Plategrip: This tool is used for high tensile belting maintenance. It is preferred because of its broader and heavier teeth that guarantee reduced strain behind splice.  
  • Lightweight belt cutter: cutting a conveyor belt to size is an intricate job that requires precision. The lightweight belt cutters help you to achieve a straight and square cut to match the right belt thickness. 
  •  Riv-Nail: This tool is used for fastening rivets to improve the installation of rivet fasteners on high-strength belts.
  • Blet Skivers: This is another crucial tool in the conveyor technician’s arsenal. It is used to remove the conveyor belt’s cover in order to further check the belt’s condition, change, or realign. 
  • PresetStaplegrip: This tool is used in hammer driven fixtures. It is designed to make adjustment easy so that it matches the width of the belt. 
  • Power-driven tools: In order to complete conveyor repair promptly, you should also have power driven tools such as air-operated river drivers. They help to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. 

The Final Take

If you are in the mining industry, your maintenance unit should have the state of art equipment to ensure the system is running in top condition. Therefore, make sure to get the right tools especially those listed above to make the maintenance works easy and fast. 

You want the mining operations to run smoothly? Start with an effectively running plant!


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