Dictionaries define Immigration as a process where a person moves to an international country of which he is not a native, for the purpose of permanent working and settlement. In recent years, Immigration is not a novel or an unfamiliar term and almost every 3 out of 10 people can relate to this experience of moving outside one’s own country. Indeed, a healthy cultural exchange is promoted as immigrants step into the homeland of others and that aura of estrangement is shattered once the person decides to assimilate into that culture positively. Researches in fact have shown the mutual benefits the immigrant and the desired country he moves to, achieve resulting in economic productivity and boost along with further utilization of the skills of the immigrant.


This cultural diversity or multi culturalism is seen the most in the United States of America- the reason why US is called a‘settler colonial society’ or the ‘land of immigrants’ since it has welcomed all diverse cultures of the world to be incorporated within its fabric from the very beginning , resulting in strong and beneficial communal ties. This is why a 2016 statistics show a total of 1.18 million legal immigrants in the USA including varying percentages of family-sponsored immigrants, relatives to the US Citizens, employment-based preferences, immigrants that were part of Diversity Visa Program, asylum seekers and the refugees. However, the stress has been and will always be on the legal proceedings while applying for a Green Card or a US Visa. US immigration regards the protection of the lives and jobs of the immigrant citizens as an absolute moral duty if they follow complete rules and laws before applying for citizenship, green card or a visa. Legal US immigration in the past has been a source of enrichment for the United States of America, strengthening it in multiple ways as admitted by many important officials too therefore ‘making it legal’ is all USA asks for before welcoming a foreigner.

PRESIDENT TRUMP says:Legal immigrants enrich our nation and strengthen our society in countless ways. I want immigrants to come to US in the largest number ever, but they have to come in legally. To live and work legally in United States you need a Green Card. You can now apply for one in the Green Card Program online on www.usgreencardoffice.com


As to why one should opt for the long and tiresome process to get a green card is a question that strikes the minds of many people. Green card is in fact the only way one can become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. The US Immigration policy requires getting a green card to become a Legal Permanent Resident (also known as LPR) which would then facilitate the green card holder to gain all the added benefits and the same rights as that of a native US Citizen which are inclusive of freedom in the job market and travelling across US and other countries, a reduction in the tuition fee, ownership of property and cars, political contributions, reduced time for gaining US Citizenship and other social security benefits with fewer restrictions.


One can indeed transform the dream of living a better life with the best facilities of education, work and health into a physical solid reality by applying for the Green card at the US Green Card Office. Various ways, procedures and rules are set out before the successful qualification for the green card which can take longer than usual and the formal legal proceedings including administrative paper work, documentation, attestations, interviews and meet ups can be exhaustive for the applicant. Fret not!We at the US Green Card Office are here at your service to provide you hassle free and smooth processto achieve the legal US immigration by ensuring the delivery of your application at the exact right time to the right target person, maintaining confidentiality about your personal information. Armed with an impressive record of successfully making the application work well-ordered, we at the US Green Card office believe in the ease and comfort of the foreigners while they strive for gaining US immigration by all legal means. 


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