The working area of an immigration lawyer is fairly simple, as the name suggests. But the truth is more complex than it sounds. The daunting task of dealing with the country’s policies on behalf of their clients is assumed not to be such a simple task in itself. They act like an advisory force to foreign citizens trying to settle in any particular country. They are also the people one might refer to in matters related to Visa applications, employment, naturalization, etc. Refer to an immigration lawyer in NY for more details.

What are the responsibilities of an immigration lawyer?

The work that the immigration lawyers are dealing with can sometimes be really difficult. For instance, you have immigrated from one particular country to another. And now you are trying to settle in that country. You surely will not consult any other lawyer but an immigration lawyer. They will fight for your opportunity to get employed in that country. Naturalization of their clients and, at times, ensuring their visas.

Examples of more detailed responsibilities

  • Working with their clients to prepare the DACA applications. 
  • They will represent their clients in matters of employment and family-based petitions. 
  • Act as an advisor to the client, and prepare the citizenship application. 
  • Preparing applications for their clients, seeking both immigrant and non-immigration visas. 
  • They will perform the drafting of all the NIV matters for the sector.

These are examples of just a few of the tasks that an immigration lawyer might have to perform. But these can also vary, depending on the virtue of the case. 

When do I need an immigration lawyer?

There are instances, or the nature of cases, where an immigration lawyer is unnecessary. But then there are cases as well where their presence is imminent. 

For example,

  • You are finding it difficult to acquire citizenship or immigration benefits of any other kind. 
  • You are not certain about the basic eligibility to acquire a green card. 
  • You are in an emergency and need assistance with an immigration matter. 
  • The in-charged bodies have denied an immigration application submitted by you in the past. 
  • You are applying for any investment-based visa.


The working of an immigration lawyer is management and representation that will decide the fate of their clients in the country. Settlement issues, employment issues, and issues regarding basic immigration rights are just some of the basic challenges they must deal with. 

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