A car accident case involving multiple parties can be complicated. No party is ever ready to take the blame and instead point the finger at others. It requires a thorough investigation to determine who was at fault and who deserves to get compensation. However, this investigation is not easy, and a lot of work is put into it. 

If you have been injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, a Lehi, UT car accident lawyer can help you establish liability and recover your damages. Whether through police or independent investigation, an attorney uses their resources to reconstruct the accident and discover what really happened. 

What is included in a car accident investigation?

The following procedures are conducted during a car accident investigation. 

  1. Examining and documenting the accident site. 

The investigation usually begins at the place where it all happened. Police officers or investigators visit the accident site and analyze it from every angle possible. They note down their perception of the accident and take photographs and videos of the scene to review later. 

  1. Speaking to witnesses. 

People who have seen the accident take place can give valuable information regarding the incident. Investigators speak to potential witnesses and note down their observations. They also take their contact information and addresses. 

  1. Determining whether either driver broke a traffic law. 

Investigators check whether one or more drivers conducted a breach of duty that caused the accident to determine liability. If a driver has criminal records or traffic tickets, they might be liable for the accident. 

  1. Determining whether both the parties were responsible. 

A significant percentage of car accidents occur because of the negligence of multiple parties. Investigators look for signs that indicate a shared liability. 

Types of investigation

  1. Police investigation. 

When a road accident occurs, one of the involved parties is legally obligated to inform the police. The police arrive at the site and conduct an investigation. They take reports of the accident, note down their opinions, collect information about the injuries and vehicle damage, and question witnesses. However, these reports can contain untrue information, which you can correct later with the help of an attorney.

  1. Independent investigations. 

All the parties involved may want to conduct their individual investigations. For this, they may hire separate investigators to look into the case and analyze it. Their task is not to assign blame but to understand what really happened and the sole cause of the accident. 

  1. Insurance investigations. 

Insurance companies conduct their own investigations to look for evidence that can be used to lower the compensation or completely free them from paying you. They investigate your injuries, medical records, and bills. They may also check whether you are attending your doctor’s appointments to see whether you are serious about your health. 

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