Suffering injuries because of someone’s fault or negligence can be a frightening experience. Such accidents are not rare in Kentucky, and a considerable number of them can be attributed to negligence, recklessness, and fault. People often don’t take legal action because they are unaware of their rights. If you were injured in an accident and believe that the other party breached their ‘duty of care’, you should consider talking to a personal injury lawyer Louisville KY. Below are some common mistakes that you must avoid while hiring a lawyer. 

  1. Hiring any random lawyer. You wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon for a brain surgery. Expertise is a key factor for selecting an attorney, and you need someone who specializes in personal injury law. Don’t be tempted to hire any random lawyer you know. 
  2. Not asking about experience. How long have you been practicing in Louisville? What kind of personal injury cases do you typically deal with? Do you have experience representing clients at trial? Can you share details of your top cases? These are some common questions you need to ask when you hire a lawyer. 
  3. Paying an upfront fee. If you are concerned about the costs of lawyering up, you should know that PI lawyers usually work on a contingency fee. You don’t have to pay an upfront fee to get the attorney to review your case or take up the battle. Steer clear of law firms that ask for an advanced payment. 
  4. Not meeting the attorney in person. No matter the circumstances, always meet an attorney in-person to know them better. Most lawyers don’t charge anything to review and assess a case, and they can give you a fair overview of the possible outcomes. 
  5. Not discussing other costs. While the lawyer’s fee is only payable when you win, there could be other expenses related to the case. Ask the attorney if they can help you with these costs until you get paid. Remember that you will have to bear these expenses even if you lose the lawsuit. 

Finally, don’t make the mistake of hiring an attorney who is not available. Many personal injury lawyers assign their cases to associates and are never available to take calls. Ask the attorney if they have the time and resources that the case demands and how you can communicate with them as and when needed. Consider hiring a lawyer soon after the accident. 

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