The most controversial issue of Brazilian traffic laws in recent years is, without a doubt, the punishment for drunk driving. In fact, the controversy starts well before the punishment: it starts with the inspection. For some years now, legislation has been increasingly strict with drivers who combine alcohol and driving.

Adding the intensification of police operations to the stricter laws, the result is a large number of drivers fined for drunk driving. The increase in inspection has many positive points, since it contributes to the decrease in the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers. You need the DUI attorney Monroe GA there with the best choices now.

There is also another side to be noted

Increased enforcement opens space for the severe punishment of drivers who often do not deserve the application of such penalties.

  • Other drivers, still, end up not having the possibility to exercise their right to defense, either due to ignorance of this possibility, loss of time, among other issues.
  • Such rigidity of the law that deals with the infraction for driving drunk, the Prohibition Law can lead you to think about the impossibility of defense for the penalties applied. But that is not true. Every driver has the right, guaranteed by law , to defend himself against any penalty imposed on him.
  • This right must be exercised by the driver mainly in cases where the person responsible for inspection may have made mistakes.
  • In the current economic and social context, consulting a lawyer must be a habit and therefore the process of choosing him is a very important aspect in avoiding or successfully solving the legal problems you may encounter.

In an ideal situation, as in the case of a doctor you go to for regular consultations, not only when a serious health problem occurs, and in the case of a lawyer it is good to have him by your side, at times when you take certain legal decisions. Of course, in reality this is not always the case, most of the time a lawyer is used to “fix” an already existing legal situation, than for a consultation meant to avoid the consequences of such a situation. And often you have to choose your lawyer under the pressure of time.

Choosing a lawyer, therefore, becomes a task not at all easy, but not impossible, especially if you consider certain important aspects.


Lawyers are very different, as training, as experience, as specialization, as a way of approaching cases, but also as a human typology. That is why it is good to know very well what you want through the respective legal approach, if you are in front of the desired professional and how compatible you feel with your case. Before seeing what these aspects would be, some essential landmarks must be understood and remembered.

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