Personal injury legal counsels help people who have experienced injuries through the negligence of another party or accidents. Claims can be filed against individuals, government entities, or companies. If people have been injured and need help, they will want to find a reputable personal injury lawyer to help them get the money they deserve.

Finding a reputable personal injury attorney

There are a lot of things people need to consider when looking for a reputable legal counsel that specializes in this kind of case. People will find that there are tons of options, and it can be pretty overwhelming to screen through them. As a matter of fact, individuals may even be getting solicited by “ambulance chasers.” While this industry may not be that excellent, there are a lot of good legal counsels out there that specialize in these types of cases. Here is how to find a good one.

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Look for an experienced attorney

Legal counsels tend to be generalists or specialists. People should look for an attorney who specializes in accidents and personal injuries. These individuals will better understand the statutes and laws that apply to their case. They also have the resources for medical professionals and experts to help clients build a case and get the proper treatment for their injuries.

Individuals should not hesitate to ask how long these professionals have been practicing in this line of business. Ideally, these professionals will also have tons of experience handling these types of cases. For instance, if defective products have hurt a person, it is imperative to have an attorney with tons of experience in product liability claims. If they have been injured in a tractor-trailer or motorcycle accident, they will want an attorney who has previously handled these kinds of accidents.

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Ask about the professional’s success rate

An individual may need a lawyer who has more to offer than just experience in taking personal injury cases. Almost all claims are settled between parties, sometimes before lawsuits are filed – but a couple of cases do go to actual trials. People need lawyers who have successfully litigated PI cases and negotiated settlements all the way to jury verdicts. Ask the lawyer what their success rate is. If they cannot provide this information, there is a good chance they do not have a high one.

Ask friends, family members, neighbors, or workmates for referrals

Most people know someone who has had workers’ compensation or personal injury cases, so ask them for referrals to find a reputable attorney like a Pasadena injury lawyer that they had an excellent experience with. These referrals will help them start a list of legal counsels to interview. Of course, this is also important information if a person had a bad experience with a legal counsel. They can immediately cross them off the list and find the next prospect.

Work on contingency

Legal counsels are pretty expensive. These professionals charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars per hour for their work. If the client has been hurt, there is a good chance that they cannot afford to pay for the professional services out of their pocket. Fortunately, reputable PI lawyers work on contingency. It means that they do not get paid until their clients are paid.

It is pretty common for these amounts to be anywhere from twenty-five to forty percent, so look for an attorney who works within these ranges. They will take their cut from the client’s winnings, and a reputable counsel factor in legal fees into final settlements to ensure their clients get the most out of their claims.

Choose a professional that they can get along with

A PI case can be a very long journey to regain the client’s health, as well as get fair settlements. This type of journey will have good and bad days, and clients will want to feel good about the conversations they have with their legal counsels. This is why they want to pick a PI attorney that they get along with.

It means the lawyers listen to them, answer their questions, as well as explain things in ways they understand. People feel that the professional has their best interest as their priority. If the client feels they are just taking their case for the settlement money, they might want to find someone else to represent them.


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