Hotels have a duty to provide safe premises to their guests. And as such, should a hotel fail to honor this duty, it may be liable.

This being the case, hotels aren’t always safe for visitors. Some establishment owners tend to go back on their duty to their patrons. This may lead to severe injuries and life-threatening accidents.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a hotel, which would have been avoided had the hotel done its part; you might be eligible for compensation for injury.

However, proving a hotel is negligent can be tricky. Do you want to know what to expect and how to go about compensation for injury at a hotel?

We’ve prepared a complete guide of what you need to know about hotel injuries. Read on and find out.

Your Legal Rights in a Hotel

As a guest of a hotel, there are various rights that you’re entitled to.

You’re legally entitled to safety and security in a hotel. These rights aren’t just limited to your room. They extend to other common areas of the establishment.

The general rule is that the hotel has a duty of care to you. This means that the hotel is responsible for providing and maintaining a level of security for its patrons.

Also, hotels are required to keep their establishment in a condition that’s deemed safe. This means ensuring all walkable surfaces are slippery-free or display necessary warnings at an appropriate location.

The hotel is liable for damages and assaults suffered by the guests at the hands of the hotel employees.

Proving That The hotel Was Negligent

Due to a breach of its duties, you’ve been injured in a hotel. What next? The hotel’s insurance won’t outrightly sign a check to you.

You’ll first have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the hotel is liable for your injuries. This is the only way you can succeed in personal injury against the hotel.

Collect Evidence

With proof of negligence, it can be hard for the hotel or insurance to refute its negligence.

If you’ve been injured in your room, you should call the manager immediately. Connecting your injury to the cause can be tricky if you delay. Unless you’ve sustained injuries that need immediate medical attention, don’t leave the scene.

This will help your case as the hotel management, staff, and other guests will be able to bear witness. Seek medical attention, ask for help and contact 911 for serious injuries.

Never refuse medical treatment as it might impact your case. Be sure you give a detailed report of the accident to the medical provider.

Get Compensation For Injury Sustained in a Hotel

Consider hiring a personal injury attorney and increase your chances of getting fair compensation for the injuries. With the evidence in hand, approach the hotel for compensation for the injuries and loss you’ve incurred.

If you need more legal advice, we have tons of articles that might interest you. Feel free to browse around for more related information.

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