The judgment of hiring a personal injury lawyer is a personal choice. You have to consider various issues, whether you are comfortable talking to the insurance company and negotiating a settlement on your own.

Most people who are injured are not up for this task. Therefore, hiring a personal injury lawyer is generally in your best interest. Also, hiring a personal injury lawyer does not result in a higher settlement. To know more, click here

Can I get more settlement money by hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers have plenty of knowledge about any case. After all, it benefits them to do this every day.

Experienced attorneys can navigate the claims process to attain the best possible results for their clients. Your personal injury lawyer will take the following steps to maximize the settlement value. 

  • Assessing damages

Damages direct to the losses you face due to the result of a personal injury. These losses are of two types-

  • Economic:

It refers to the monetary losses related to your injuries. It can be medical bills or property damage. It can also be lost income incurred when you are out of work.

  • Non-economic:

These damages are psychological or emotional in nature. Generally, they are utilized to compensate the accident victim for the pain and emotional anguish experienced due to an accident.

  • Determining liability

Your lawyer will go through the available insurance coverage to determine who was at fault. All personal injury claims involve at least one insurance company or more.

The compensation recovered for personal injury is limited to the maximum coverage provided by the policy. But most of the insurance companies try to offer below the limit.

By determining the available coverage, your lawyer can provide you with an accurate assessment of the amount that can be recovered in a settlement.

  • Settlement negotiations

One of the crucial things to keep in mind in any personal injury case is that: The insurance company is not on your side. They may seem to put every effort into giving you the total compensation and will make you trust them. But you should not make any mistake as their main motive is to pay you as minimum compensation as possible.

This is why hiring a personal injury lawyer who can negotiate settlement negotiations with the insurance company is essential. They make a living by fighting against the insurance company on your behalf. 

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