To be a public servant is not as easy as you think because people will be watching every move you make so you have to be very cautious at all times. Let’s say that you have to set a good example, by being a law-abider citizen since you are one of those who make the law if you would like your fellows to trust and believe you. I supposed every politician will agree to that since they are elected and seated in the government to serve and not to be served.

Well, that’s how the world of politics is supposed to be but sometimes we cannot avoid electing officials who know us only during the election campaign. When they already won, they don’t even listen to our requests but of course, many politicians are also on the good side so they are doing their best to help and represent the people of their county. This is why we have to vote wisely and choose someone who will fight for human and civil rights, not one who is full of promises.

I supposed one you can rely on is Cam Crawford Horry County SC and I believe that everybody knows him since he is a member of the council and serves the community with his wife, Heather Ammons Crawford who is the county’s representative. It is not common for some families to have couples who are also partners in the political world but looking at two heads with a common goal is such good practice as well. Pretty sure that they won’t be opposing each other when they are having a meeting with the committee so let’s get to know more about them and Horry County Council.

Cam Crawford

He is a member of the Horry County Council of South Carolina and in August of 2015, he ran and was elected as his first councilman during the special election in District 6 so that’s after Bob Grabowski passed away. He continued his duty in the government office as he was reelected for the said position because of his willingness to serve the people – also a Waccamaw Regional Council and SC Association of Counties member. His political goals focused on the safety of the public, building infrastructures, and various local projects in the community.

As a local and a resident Socastee in South Carolina – check out for more information; Mr. Cam is qualified to be in the politics but not only that because he is a graduate of Political Science in Coastal Carolina University. This only shows that he is equipped with sufficient knowledge and understanding so he knows this field very well. If he did not push his political career, then he might be focusing solely on business and establishing an agency that offers insurance policies since he is a licensed Southern Coast Insurance agent.

Again, Mr. Crawford finished his degree in Political Science and History as well at CCU in 2004 – where he is on the Dean’s List and received honors, too. During his college years, he even presented research to the regional conference in UNC Wilmington and of course, he shared his paperwork regarding the controversial 1954 senatorial election in South Carolina. By the way, he also finished his master’s in Business Administration so he could be a top entrepreneur someday.

Heather Ammons Crawford

Ms. Heather, a Republican, is the wife of Mr. Cam and she is a State House Representative of South Carolina’s District 68 where she started to be a public servant in 2012. She is a graduate of Francis Marion University and Horry Georgetown Technical College. These couples are attending the Garden City Baptist Church so we can say that their political careers have blessings from the Holy Spirit and God’s will as well.

She is also an entrepreneur and a realtor so can do business well but I guess, a part of her profit also goes to the needy. Mrs. Heather is not only a house representative by profession, but also the founder and the president of a non-profit organization in their locality – Your Sister’s Closet aims at assisting women who are looking for employment in the area. Aside from that, she is also a pro-life promoter so she supports the Coastline Women’s Center as well as the Grand Strand Citizens for Life by raising funds.

As a youth, she was engaged in several activities in the community and other countries which inspired her to continue serving the republican party. Anyway, Mrs. Heather is a National Rifle Association member and supported the Second Amendment and various legislations regarding gun holders or ownership rights. Now that she’s in the government, she is serving to deal with writing budgets and other committees, such as SC Floodwater Commission where Governor McMaster appointed her, and Joint Bond Review Committee to name a few.

Horry County Council

This is just one among 46 counties in SC and it is in the easternmost part which is in the central area, having about 351,029 population as of 2020. We have a House of Representatives with ten delegates from different states as well as five senate delegates who are in charge of solving various issues that involve the law, government, and the people. Let’s not forget about our council members who are representing eleven districts and are led by a chairman – read this for news about their 25% raise.

These members usually have a monthly meeting, which would be on the 1st as well as the 3rd Tuesday at a certain time to be held in the chambers of the Government and Justice Center. The current chairman is Johnny Gardner and the members are Worley, Howard, DiSabato, Loftus, Servant, Crawford, Bellamy, Vaught, Causey, Hardee, and Allen from districts 1 to 11 respectively.

The members of the counties are elected and the terms could be every 2 or 4 years. The election is usually partisan which means that the candidates for the counties must declare their loyal party with or without a list.

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