Accidents are often associated with injuries, medical bills, and financial losses. If you have met with an accident, you are full of stress and want the compensate money as soon as possible. You will want to put this chapter behind in your life. To do so, contact a car accident attorney. If you are the one who is being sued for the accident, you also have a fair share of stress. To defend yourself, hire a Criminal Defense Jacksonville lawyer. 

The following are some questions you should ask before hiring an attorney for accident cases:

Do you have any experience in handling cases similar to mine?

In an accident case, if you are accused of crimes such as driving under the influence, you need a Criminal Defense Jacksonville lawyer (if you live there) with the highest experience. He or she must know how to handle your case to ensure your win. Your loss in such cases is not only the money loss but also jail and criminal records. 

Is my case a strong one?

To get the compensation money, you must be able to prove that the other person is guilty of causing the accident. It is difficult to prove if your case is weak. Claim settlement is the best option for such cases. Get the attorney’s opinion on the strength of your case. 

How much will you charge?

The cost of hiring an attorney depends on the experience, reputation, and the winning record of the attorney. Many car accident attorneys only get paid if you win the case. Such attorneys get 20 to 40 percent of the settlement money. Excluding the fee, you are also responsible for other court costs caused by the attorney regarding the investigation and the lawsuit. 

How long will it take to resolve the case?

Financial losses and accidents come hand in hand. If you have met with an accident, you have medical bills and other damages to pay. The quicker you get the compensation money, the better you can manage the bills. Many factors decide the duration of your case, but a car accident attorney can give you an estimate. 

Who will handle my case?

Many times people find that after talking and hiring an attorney, their case is handled by a junior attorney or a paralegal. Paralegal, in simple terms, is qualified assistance of a lawyer. Though they can handle your case, it is important to know who will handle the case.  

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