A common myth doing the rounds is that the slip and fall cases are difficult to prove and settle. One of the major reasons behind this assumption is the belief that legal liability isn’t easy to prove.  

Be it the public settings or the private, one needs to build a case on the balance of probabilities that the owner of the place somehow failed to implement and adhere to the safety guidelines, which resulted in the mishap.

Pre-settlement Funding

Slip and fall accidents could result in grievous physical injuries as well as mental trauma, which could even prevent the fall victim from working further. In some of these cases, Slip-And-Fall Injury Lawyers in Halifax could apply for pre-settlement funding. This is an amount paid for the personal injury damages, which could be used for treatment, paying medical bills, take care of the living expenses, besides other additional costs, while the legal action continues.

Let us quickly run through the common myths attached to Slip and Fall Accidents.

These cases need to be pursued for long and hence, out of court settlement is the best

When the case is strong, insurance companies would never want to get involved in the legal proceeding and hence, are more than willing to settle everything outside on the mutually agreed terms. However, never be too quick to opt for an out of court settlement, rather have a consultation session with your attorney immediately after the mishap, to decide the future course of action.

Not pursuing a lawsuit because of the assumption that no-one would believe you

A consultation with Slip-And-Fall Injury Lawyers in Halifax is necessary after the accident- they can gather the facts and determine the merits in your case. Some mishaps could lead to life-threatening injuries or even fatalities. An experienced lawyer is necessary to help you navigate past the legal procedures.

Lawyers are expensive to hire

You might not be aware; however, most of the reputed lawyers fight the cases on a contingency basis. Hence, you pay the fees only when you win the suit.

There is no time limit to file a Slip-And-Fall Injury case 

There is a 2-year strict timeframe within which a victim needs to file a lawsuit.

Property owners are always at fault

The owners of the property could have hired contractors to bear legal liability. Hence, the matter is subjected to investigation to identify the liable parties.

In the absence of misconceptions, you could successfully focus on filing a lawsuit and secure the justice, which you and your family deserve. 

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