A person’s estate is the net worth of the person at any point of the time. An estate consists of properties, bank accounts, stocks, vehicles, and houses of the person. In today’s world, many of the families don’t exhibit the traditional family structure. Divorce, remarriage, adopted children, and stepchildren are becoming common. It is natural for parents to want their children and other loved ones settled. Hence, those with estates often transfer the riches to their children at some point in time.

An Estate Planning Attorney is an attorney who helps you in choosing the right options while managing your estate and matters such as the transfer of the estate while you are alive. He or she also ensures that your assets are safe after your death. A probate attorney manages the will of a deceased person. If you want to make a will of your assets, consult a good Probate Attorney San Antonio (if you live there). Probate law is a part of Estate law.

If you plan to transfer your assets to a loved one while you are dead or alive, you should search for an estate planning attorney. But how do you find one?

Ask an Accountant

Estate lawyers and accountants generally work side by side during estate planning. Many estate planning Attorney prefers accountant help with income tax issues. Similarly, many accountants refer to estate lawyers for their clients as they have access to the client’s financial information. There is a huge chance that your accountant knows one or two estate lawyers.

Ask other Lawyers

If you have worked with a lawyer regarding a business case or to review a contract, he or she can know estate lawyers. Lawyers usually are happy to refer their clients to other lawyers who don’t have the same area of expertise. The happiness is due to the fact that it can lead to the estate lawyer referring their client to your lawyer.

Contact a Bar Association

If you want to make a will and live in San Antonio, you should check your local bar association for a Probate Attorney San Antonio. Lawyers located in a certain city have a bar association. These associations have the details of all the lawyer members including their area of expertise. 

Ask a Financial Advisor

Estate planning is an important part of someone’s financial management. Hence estate planning is important to a financial advisor. Generally, these advisors are in contact with one or more estate lawyers whom they refer their clients to. 

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