In the US, car accidents are among the leading causes of personal injuries, even though most crashes end in deaths. A recent motor vehicle accident report indicates that about 36,096 Americans died in 2020 due to traffic crashes.

This number represents the highest ever recorded fatalities in nearly a decade. Moreover, it shows a 7.2% increase in fatalities from the cases reported in 2019. What’s more, we spend more than $44 billion annually on these alcohol-related crashes, including compensations.

Fortunately, there are various safety measures to prevent these accidents and reduce the fatality rate on our roads. Read on to learn about the various basic tips on how to stay safe while driving.

Stay off Alcohol and Drugs When Driving

Unfortunately, at least one American loses their life every 50 minutes due to alcohol-related crashes. That translates to losing about 29 lives every day and more than 10,000 people every year. So, how do we stop and prevent more DUI accidents?

First, get a designated driver if you have too much drink for the night. Alternatively, you can get a taxi instead of putting your life and other road users at risk. If you have to drink and drive, let it be non-alcoholic beverages.

Fasten the Seat Belt

Fastening the seat belt supplements the protection of airbags. Besides, it can help improve the safety of every occupant, including other motorists. The seat belt will hold you snuggly in the event of instant breaks or direct impact.

So, how do you wear a set belt properly? Ensure that the shoulder part of the belt wraps around the chest and shoulder, over the hips. Don’t fasten it under your arms.

Observe Lane Discipline and Speed Limits

Over speeding or driving in the wrong lane can cause head-on collisions. Sometimes, veering into the wrong lane can be unintentional.

To avoid this, don’t drive for long distances if you have a short concentration span. Also, you can activate your lane assist feature at night.

Slow Down at Intersections

Pedestrians are at greater risk (1.5 times more) of dying in traffic crashes than vehicle occupants. At least one pedestrian dies every 88 minutes in a car crash. Most of these deaths happen at night in urban areas or non-intersection locations.

You can avoid hitting a pedestrian by slowing down at street intersections. At night, watch out for reflective clothing and spotlights by the roadside.

Also, don’t drive too close to sidewalks and pathways. Keeping a safe gap between the tarmac and pavements can save more innocent lives.

Using the Motor Vehicle Accident Report to File a Lawsuit

Even the most cautious drivers can cause accidents due to unavoidable circumstances. After the tragic incident, the police will prepare a motor vehicle accident report.

The details in this report can help prove negligence. In that case, contact this personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit.

Your motor vehicle accident lawyers will prove tort liability and ask for indemnification. The compensation may include payments for medical bills and future loss of income. Even better, motor vehicle accident lawyers will only charge legal fees after winning the case.

Contact a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Near You

Sometimes, motor vehicle accidents are inevitable. Nevertheless, don’t let your family member or someone you know suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Even if they die, they still want justice and compensation for their family.

Reach out to a motor vehicle accident lawyer near you to start the compensation conversation. From the motor vehicle accident report, the lawyer will help you present the evidence and interview witnesses to prove negligence.

Check out more tips from our site on filing a motor vehicle accident lawsuit and staying safe while driving.

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