Getting a divorce in Utah doesn’t have to be time-consuming, provided you and your spouse are willing to resolve things amicably without getting the court involved. You need to come up with a parenting plan and must settle key matters like the distribution of assets. You don’t need to hire an attorney compulsorily, but this could be a crucial step in certain circumstances. Here are some reasons to seek legal advice on family law matters. 

  1. When there is abuse involved. Call a Sandy domestic violence attorney right away if you are a victim of abuse. Domestic violence in Utah may also refer to threats, sexual and psychological abuse. Your lawyer can help you get a protective order, which can prevent your spouse from harassing you further. 
  2. When you have considerable marital assets. If you and your spouse have amassed a lot of wealth and marital properties, you must consult an attorney. Yours could be a high-asset divorce, and as per the laws in Utah, marital assets must be divided equitably between two spouses. Talk to a lawyer to protect your interests. 
  3. When there is child custody involved. Many warring parents cannot simplify the divorce because they are fighting over the physical custody of their kids. In Utah, both parents have joint legal custody of the kids by default, but if you want to state otherwise, you must present evidence against your spouse. Your attorney can help with all that. 
  4. When you are not on talking terms with your spouse. Getting divorced would be a lot easier if you and your spouse could discuss and settle things. If things have gone bitter and there is no room for that, consider calling a family law attorney. Divorce lawyers are skilled negotiators and can ensure the room for communication. 
  5. When you want to reduce your stress. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to understand divorce laws and work on the papers and documents, hiring a lawyer is your best option. Lawyers can ensure that everything is drafted right, and you will only sign documents after your attorney has reviewed the same. 

There is no better way of saying this – you have to hire an attorney when it comes to family law matters. Your friends can be your support, but legal advice is not their forte. Trust a divorce lawyer to help you with the minute details that matter. 

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