Following a motorcycle accident, you may be in pain, trauma, and shock of what has happened. You may be unable to think clearly. However, knowing what to do at the accident scene and taking the proper steps can be your one-way ticket to reasonable compensation. 

Getting the compensation you deserve is crucial in a motorcycle accident, as such accidents can significantly harm your health and affect your life. Doing certain things after the accident can strengthen your case. You can consult with a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer to understand how to maximize your motorcycle personal injury compensation.

Things you need to do at a motorcycle accident site 

  1. Inform the police. 

It is essential to inform the police about an accident, no matter how minor. It is compulsory to inform the police in cases of significant injuries and vehicle damages. However, even if the damages are minor, it is in your best interest to inform law enforcement, as it may help you in court. 

  1. Go to the hospital. 

After the accident, call an ambulance using your phone or if you are unable to do so, ask someone else to make the call for you. Receiving medical help after an accident should be your priority. It helps you gather medical evidence for injuries and makes you seem like a responsible person. If you do not get treatment, it may cause the insurance company to think that you were not severely hurt or did not care about your well-being. 

  1. Take pictures. 

You may be unable to take pictures after an accident if you are severely hurt, but if you can do so, it can help your case. Take photographs and videos of the accident scene from different angles. Make sure you take pictures of the other car and your injuries as well. Your attorney or an expert can review these pictures later and dig out information that you may have missed out on. 

  1. Exchange contact information with the other party. 

When you realize that you have been in an accident, do not under any circumstances leave the site until you exchange contact information with the other party and call the police. Even if you think you were at fault, you must take their information, such as their address, phone number, and details of their car. 

  1. Identify and speak to witnesses. 

When an accident happens on the road, people gather around the scene. Look around and speak with witnesses. Ask them about how much they witnessed and what they saw. Sometimes you can gather different perspectives from different people. If you find good witnesses, take their contact information so that your attorney can speak to them later. 

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