When two legally married individuals feel that they can no longer live together, they have the right to divorce. Divorce is therefore a legal procedure that always requires the presence or intervention of a lawyer. Moreover, in divorce by mutual consent, we even see that it is the lawyer who plays the central role, the absence of the judge. Thus, it must be carefully chosen to defend the interests of his or her customers. How to ensure the competence of his lawyer? This is the question most people ask for divorce. From Aleksandra Gontaryuk you will be able to have the best choices now.

Bet on a divorce specialist

The legal profession is a very large corporation. Everyone chooses their specialty and as our topic of the day revolves around divorce, we suggest you bet on a lawyer specializing in family law when you want to start a separation procedure. There is no question of getting a lawyer. The best thing would be to choose a divorce specialist to enjoy his expertise.

Indeed, some people make the mistake of using the lawyer of their parents or friends without taking care to check if he knows about divorce. It is therefore a step to avoid. What matters is to make sure your lawyer is qualified enough to defend you properly. For this, we advise you to call a divorce lawyer, if you live in the south.

Banking on the qualities of the lawyer

A qualified lawyer must have a number of qualifications. Bet on a legal professional without taking care to check that it has the sense of listening, it’s a little risky. This is usually a quality that jumps to the naked eye as soon as you start a discussion with a lawyer. The best divorce specialist is one who gives sound advice to his client.

  • He must take a close interest in his file by gathering as much information as possible. He must be attentive enough to offer you the best solutions. This is usually a person available to receive or listen to his client at any time.

The child’s home may be at the residence of one of the parents or alternately at the home of each parent. The alternate mode of residence had been provided for by law only since 2002. The granting of parental care depends on the best interests of the child and at the same time takes into account the relationships established between the two descendants. 

  • For example, separated spouses who have a good relationship are likely to have alternate custody to the extent that the child’s interest demands it. But to facilitate these procedures, it is recommended that you choose a good divorce lawyer. 

It should be noted that unmarried couples who want to separate can amicably consent to the residence of their child. But if a disagreement persists, you can directly contact the family court judge who will decide the place of residence of the child in question. The court will consider the personal situation of the latter, because he must not be separated from his brothers or sisters. In some exceptional circumstances, his home may be set in another person’s home, such as his grandparents.

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