If you have got injured in the workplace, you have the right to file compensation for the financial loss and pain and suffering that you face due to the injury. The Jersey city personal injury lawyer can guide you throughout the process. But in this blog, you will learn the step by step process for filing a claim so that you are also aware of the process.

Get medical treatment

Seek medical treatment even if it is a minor injury. There are two reasons why you should take treatment immediately. Firstly the injuries that seem harmless can become dangerous later due to negligence. Moreover, you should seek treatment because medical documents will play a vital role in getting compensation. 

Explain your injury to the doctor

When you go to the doctor, you should explain your injury to him without any hesitation. It will be best to tell your doctor that the injury is work-related as the doctor will fill in additional forms that will be necessary for seeking compensation. 

Report your injury

It will be best if you inform your employer about the injury as early as possible. Even if it is not mandatory to give the information in writing, you should always prefer sending a notice in writing and mentioning the date and time of the injury and the date of sending it. 

Get benefits

Once the employer receives the notice, he may accept it or decline it. If he accepts it, the insurance company/employer will make the payment, but you need to file a case if he declines it.

Filing the case

You can apply for an informal hearing. The hearing will take place within a few weeks in case of an informal hearing, and the judge of compensation will suggest some ways of resolving the issue. But the verdict is non-binding, so you can even file a formal legal case. If you file a formal legal case, the hearing will occur within 6 months of filing your case. You can settle the case even before the trial. But if the case goes to court for trial, the judge of compensation will make a decision based on the medical documents and other pieces of evidence you provide. 


Legal matters are often confusing, but you can get the right information and way to get the due compensation with a little research. Moreover, be patient during the entire process because these procedures are lengthy and require lots of effort. 

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