For use in other countries, your Singaporean driver’s licence can be translated into an International Driving Permit (IDP). You can then drive in the vast majority of nations outside of Singapore without taking any more tests or completing any additional paperwork with this in hand. A valid driver’s licence issued by International Drivers Association in Singapore, as shown by this document.

To what end does transporting an IDP serve?

In addition to delivering a translation of your legal Singaporean driver’s licence into ten foreign languages, an IDP also gives you with an additional picture identification form of your own choosing. Even if holding an IDP is not essential to operate a car in the country being visited, the vast majority of foreign automotive rental corporations will nonetheless request it. It is strongly recommended that you obtain an International Driving Permit if you intend to rent a vehicle in a nation in which English is not acknowledged as one of the official languages.

When you apply for an IDP, who do you contact?

For an IDP, you need to be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driver’s licence from a Singaporean province or territory. In addition to fulfilling these qualifications, you will additionally need to have:

Photographs of passport size are required. Available at your local branch.

There was a $30 IDP fee required. You may pay this fee with cash, a debit card, a credit card (Visa, MasterCard), or an Express card. Please note that there will be a price for shipping and delivery.

Please follow the steps given below to avoid any unnecessary delays in receiving your IDP if you have already left Singapore or are unable to attend one of our offices.

If you can’t get it to a Office,

An IDP will be sent to the supplied address once the steps below have been followed. If you’d want, Singapore Post can mail you an IDP if you ask; but, they won’t guarantee delivery and you could have to pay an extra $6.95 (plus GST) for the privilege.

Please get in contact with us if you have any further questions about courier prices or expected delivery times.

Getting an IDP if you’ve left Singapore and are now living abroad

If you require an IDP but are currently outside of Singapore, you can still apply for one by mail.

The following are some scenarios in which written correspondence may be preferable:

  • You need a new IDP because you lost your old one.
  • You did not realise you needed an IDP until you got there.
  • The steps below detail what you need to do to get your IDP in the mail.
  • Complete an IDP Application and include your original signature.

Evidence that you are a Singaporean resident with a valid driver’s licence, in the form of a photocopy (Front & Back)

You must submit two (2) passport-sized photographs. Each picture must have an identical frontal view of the subject. Photographs must also be printed on photo paper; images created digitally, scanned, or photocopied will not be accepted.

IDP charge of $30 + courier fees must be paid by credit card. We will send you an email with additional payment information once we have received your completed form, photocopies of your Singaporean driver’s licence, and pictures.

Package delivery costs and times from IDP couriers change based on final destination. Please allow 3–6 business days for delivery after payment verification. You should expect to pay the following charges when using the courier service.

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