Most couples abruptly file for a divorce without further thinking about the impact it may hold on their child, including their education and emotional state. Although in the case of a divorce where the couple has a child, the custody and support may be given to one parent only based on certain conditions and financial capability to cover the child’s needs. 

Due to a change of jobs or unemployment, if the parent who has child custody is dealing with a financial crisis and cannot afford child support, they can modify the child support by law.

Hence, if you are having trouble coping with child support, you can contact Connecticut Divorce Lawyers. They can offer lawful advice on how to modify child support and eliminate the hassle. 

Modifying child support after a divorce:

If there is a mutual agreement between both the parents on modifying the child support, then it can be achieved relatively quickly with a simple procedure. Although an attorney’s help is crucial for a child support modification, there is some paperwork to deal with for child support in the case, even if there is a mutual agreement.

In the event of shared child support, if one parent wishes to modify it due to the inability to support the child from their end, it can become a complicated case wherein only the court will make the judgment based on the child’s best interest which will be entirely decided on which parent has been the primary provider until one parent approached for the modification. 

Additionally, the court will also ensure that the change in the child support is made only if the other parent proves that they can financially afford the child’s needs and education and are responsible for the child’s medical needs. In some states, the court will also consider the child’s preference if the child is a teenager and is mature enough to comprehend the situation.

Therefore, it is possible to modify child support after the divorce though it can be extended. Although the modification is quick and straightforward, there are some legal steps and hearings that the couple may have to go through, which requires professional help from an experienced attorney who specializes in divorce-related cases. 

If not, the case might become fragile and can be challenging. Getting into mutual understanding with the partner on child support before seeking modification is recommended to avoid complications in the case. 

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