It is without a doubt that business taxes are too complicated yet every year, the system gets even more complex. Why is this the case? The answer is that taxes policies usually have a conflict with the policy goals of the establishment, and it’s crucial to hire yourself a good business lawyer.

What is the law on business taxation?

This law relates to the determination of payment of business taxes. The business people understand the regulations about implementing, paying the taxes, and the consequences of non-payment of taxes.  You also get information in understanding the disputes that may occur and how your rights and interests may be protected in the existing laws. These taxes apply across the board between individuals and companies.

If you are a business owner, most often you may deal with issues revolving around the administrative role of taxation, and therefore you may need the help of a tax lawyer to be on the right hand of the law.

Why is a tax lawyer essential?

An assessment of tax may be simple or complex, and some allow for exemptions.  The tax is levied on the total taxable income of business after deducting the allowable. Income is usually the proceeds of the business but does not include the sales. Allowable deductions are certain expenses which you may incur concerning the business.

If you are a sole trader, you must pay tax. It is essential to lodge a return every year even if you incurred losses and did not have any tax liability.  There is usually a tax comparison table that will guide you on the amount you should pay and total tax obligations.

There are instances where your income may reach a certain amount, and you are required to pay tax instalments typically quarterly. This is to reduce your tax bill when lodging your returns. Also, you are supposed to deduct income tax from your employees, remit, and keep records.

There are some instances where every income earning person must contribute to a medical fee depending on the amount collected. Some small business with a guaranteed annual turnover are eligible for tax concessions, and it’s essential to find out if your business falls within this category. It’s also necessary to find out about the base rate depending on your turnover. Usually, tax rates change yearly, and some incomes may be considered as passive.

If you are threatened with a suit due to a tax dispute, it is essential to hire yourself a good business lawyer. He should be well conversant with your business and will advise you on the steps to follow.

Having a lawyer will help you in avoiding some tax mistakes you may not be aware of. This is because tax issues are usually complex, and there may be a lot of legal pitfalls. A lawyer will also refer you to specialized services and may refer you to other tax professionals such as tax experts and accountants.


If you have a business, you should hire yourself a good business lawyer, and you will run your business with the confidence that you are fully compliant with the laws in regards to taxation.

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