“Apostille” is a French word. It means “Certification”. It is a specialized certification that the US Department of State, Washington DC issues for authenticating some vital documents. Apostille certification is a mark of authentication of documents.  Apostille is mandatory if you are flying to another country for any important reason that is a member of the Hague Convention 1961. 105 countries of the world have agreed through this convention to accept some important documents apostilled by the appropriate authority of the respective countries like in many countries the Ministry of external affairs (MEA) is given that power. It is just a simplification of the legalization of the documents that a legal migrant need to submit to the appropriate authority of the country. FBI apostille is an important part of such certification. 

FBI background check apostille 

When you are flying from the US to any other country that is a member of the Hague Convention 1961 that country will ask for certified FBI background check documents. In the official term, it is FBI apostille. There are two parts in this apostille:

  • Obtaining FBI background check documents – You must approach the FBI for a background check document for yourself through a channeler. A channeler is an FBI authorized private company that speedup the process of getting FBI background check documents which is otherwise a lengthy process. An applicant normally gets the background checked and documented within 5 working days. 
  • Obtaining FBI background check apostille – Once the FBI document is in your hand, you can place an order for obtaining the apostille. You can either do it on your own by directly contacting the US Department of State, Washington DC, or contact a dedicated service provider. The apostille service provider will take all responsibilities of completing all necessary documentation and placing a request to the US Department of State. 

If you are asked to apostille the FBI background check, it is feasible to expedite the process with the help of professionals in this genre. If you are flying to some other country to live, marry, work, study, or adopt, you may not get much time to pack up and fly while you have to take care of all the necessary documents as well. With professional FBI background check apostille services, you can complete other necessary jobs with complete peace of mind. 

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