It is easy to become a target of sexual harassment in workplace nowadays. Modern people are now accustomed to scolding bad words and telling bad jokes. If this happen to you in your workplace, you may find it intolerable. The best way to deal with this problem is to file charges against your harassers. The following are 5 things to expect when you are filing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Conducts Have to Be Genuinely Unwelcomed

For the sexual harassment lawsuit to be filed, the conduct must be genuinely unwelcomed by you. To prove that the conduct is genuine, you must not engage in any activity that shows you enjoy it. Besides, you should confront the harasser and tell him to stop harassing you. Not all conducts are considered offensive. For example, a calendar with a female athlete wearing tight sportswear is not considered offensive even though some employees might feel offended at it.

Report to the Manager First

Before filing a lawsuit, you must first report it to the manager. You must keep a copy of the correspondence with the manager. If the supervisor harasses you back after you file the charges, you should keep a copy of that evidence as well. The Dallas sexual harassment lawyer will need this evidence in filing the lawsuit.

Provide Details on Monetary Losses in Your Job

You will also have to provide details on the losses you suffer as a result of your resistance to the harassment. For example, the supervisor will ask you to go out with him but you refused. He may make threatens like demotion, salary reduction, or fire you from your job. If you suffer these losses as a result of retaliation, you can use them as grounds for claiming compensation. You can claim back losses such as salary/bonus/tips/commissions, lost benefits, and medical cost in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

You will be compensated with back pay if you got fired from your job as a result of the sexual harassment. Front pay is granted if the employee is put off from work while the case is being settled. Besides, the court can also award punitive damages for intentional actions. For example, the manager did not attempt to take any action to stop the harassment after you file a complaint. Punitive damage is awarded based on the evidence that is provided in the court. The maximum punitive damages that can be awarded depends on the size of the company. The more employees the company has, the higher is the limit on the amount of punitive damages that can be compensated.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Costs

You may be concerned about whether you can afford the legal fees. The good news is that you only have to pay when you win the case. You just need to choose a sexual harassment lawyer that works on contingency basis. Some large companies will pay for the settlement fees partially. However, it is also hard to find out how much the company will cover the settlement fees since they don’t like the public to know about it.

How Will the Lawsuit Get Settled?

Most people will settle the sexual harassment lawsuit out of court amicably. This option is ideal for people who want to avoid the trouble of having to be in court. It is hard to predict the court verdict. So, if you are not confident to win a case in the court, you can instead negotiate for a settlement with the other party. Settling the sexual harassment out of court can also prevent you from facing public humiliation.

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